4 Nov 2018

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I did get some spinning done today. I finished all the apricot-colored fleece. There are three balls of it now. Another kettle of fleece got washed from the Gotland. Yesterday I finished knitting a hat. I want to rest my shoulder today.

Spinning Sunday

I started the day with dishes and then a shower. John got up late again. We had the time change this morning. I looked over the food situation. We need bread. We have flour. I have time. So I made bread. This time I used the base recipe from Confessions of a French Baker. I added Amaranth to the boiling water. Waited until it was cooler before adding yeast. The amaranth did not plump. The dough was pink, the bread was not. There were issues with the oven over heating and then not heating enough. I flipped the bread over to cook the other side. Yes, the oven is on a long list of items we need to replace.

Sunday baking

I looked at the fridge and realized we have a small quantity of a lot of different kinds of vegetables. Time for fritters. I baked squash, rutabaga, potatoes, and sweet potatoes in the oven with olive oil and salt. I cleaned some muddy carrots and skirret. They are all prepped for making supper. We also have a sweet onion and apples.

Skirret waiting to be turned into fritters
Roast Veg

When Chrono was ready for a break, we headed to the store for chicken apple gouda sausages. That was all just supper prep. When the bread was down, we had lunch. Lunch was simple. Crackers, fresh bread, cheese, nut butter, and honey butter. Leftover baked plums too. Very tasty!

Fritters and sausage -best with sour cream or yogurt

Recently we learned about canola going GMO. Even though we buy organic, I worry about cross pollination. So we switched to safflower oil which the co-op sells in bulk. I also use coconut oil on occaision. Bacon fat works too. We don't buy any bacon with nitrates. They are carcinogenic. Let food be thy medicine. We try to eat healthy.

Today's high was 60°. Tomorrow's will be 64°. I am happy I got a walk in tonight. Tomorrow will be another busy day. There's already a list.


ursulas_alcove: 19th century engraving of a woman using a drop spindle (Default)

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