8 Nov 2018

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FaerieCon is this weekend. It's the 25th anniversary of The Dark Crystal. Wendy and Toby Froud will be there. Brian was not cleared by his doctors to fly. I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Dark Crystal. We got ours from the public library. The making of the movie is quite spectacular. It's included in the DVD. And since they did a reboot of The Dark Crystal, there will be lots of puppeteers and workshops at FaerieCon. Highly recommend attending if you are in the Baltimore area this weekend. Meet famous people; learn a new skill.

Chronographia will be vending. I will be home caretaking. However, my hats will be there. Vikings, Chico's, a petal hat and a Camoflauge witch hat are being setup as I write. Look for Strange Hours Atelier at the bottom of the escalator.

Fall Viking Hats

Chico's-I also did some in brown and gray for mundane wear.
Hats are drying before heading to FaerieCon
Hats are drying before heading to FaerieCon
Day 4 The Chico

Petal Hat
Hats are drying before heading to FaerieCon

Witch Hat in Progress
Bree's hat in progress

If you are interested in custom work please contact me to find out when I can fit you into the schedule. StrangeHours is doing the Handmade Arcade in December 2018.

2019 Shows
Arisia- Boston, MA (StrangeHours)
Convocation- Dearborn, MI (Strange Hours)
Gulf Wars-Poplarsville, MS (Ursula's Alcove)
CostumeCon- Danvers, MA (Strange Hours) http://costumecon37.com
Ashville Viking Festival- Ohio (Ursula's Alcove)
Great Lakes Fiber- Wooster, Ohio (Ursula's Alcove)

More will be added as time goes on. Already booked for SVFF and SAFF in fall. Pennsic applications come out in February. Strange Hours plans to return to FaerieCon and Leaf. Looking forward to applying to some local shows. Fingers crossed to see if I get in.


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