10 Nov 2018

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There is this ToDo list with one item that never gets done. Today is the day I conquered it! I have wine that needs to be processed. Bottle Mango Wine has been on that list every time I write a list. Today I pulled it all together. I have two wines that I am clarifying, Orange and Honeysuckle. I cleaned all the mulberries out of the freezer and started a new batch fermenting. I bottled that Mango wine! There are only 7 bottles but it has the makings of an excellent vintage. Very tasty upon bottling. So I was thinking of calling it “Mango only pawn in game of life”. https://goo.gl/images/eTNnc4

Mango Wine

Also a long time on the list, “register as a merchant for Gulf Wars”. Done. Now to send in the check. Bills need to go out Monday anyway. And then on to cleaning the attic. That’s going to take a while. I have some quilts I started long ago and far away. The pile of scraps in a heap in the corner is getting cut and stitched. The only problem is a belt started slipping on the sewing machine. Taking it slow. My list of broken items that need repair is incredibly long, much more so than my todo list. “When funds become available” looks to be a long way off. But I have a list so that’s a start.

Pumpkin bread has been made. Pumpkin pie is in the oven. Dishes are done. Strained and bottled my homegrown echinacea tincture. Cat food has been acquired. Living room carpet has been swept with a broom. Yes, two vacuums need repair. Doing good so far on adulting.

Long Island Cheese Pumpkin

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Pie

Next on the docket:
Once the attic has a bit of workspace, then on to computer repair. My Dell Win 98 blew a power supply. It has all the business records on it. I will attempt to turn the drive into a slave on a Windows 2000 machine if I can find the Computers for Dummies book. The goal is to finish record keeping for 2018. Then move on to another machine.


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