30 Jan 2019

Too cold

30 Jan 2019 10:46 pm
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Stayed under the covers this morning and did some research. Ipads are handy things. So I wrote down all the fruit trees I looked at. I put down their footprints as well. Got rid of any that were fussy or out of my zone. If climate change means more extremes like today, I need plants that can handle both hot and cold temperatures. I also need a tree on the south west corner of my house that will offer shade in the summer and sun in the winter. We are technically in Zone 6. Trees grown for regions/zones 5-8 are preferred.

For the record

I gathered all my info, grabbed a pencil and eraser and drafted a new plan. The beauty is that I already have several of these plants but they are in areas where they are not thriving due to lack of sun. By moving them into the sun with soil that has been worked and improved, they should do much better, assuming they survive the week. I have them arranged by height so the tallest plants are in the back. Another part of the placement accounts for existing perennials in that section. Trees and bushes take a while to establish. So nothing should be shaded out. I've lovage, valerian, savory, thyme, and asparagus to think about. Here's the current plan:

The new garden plan

It requires the purchase of two new plants, a dwarf apple tree and a quince tree. It should be much more affordable this way, filling in the space nicely. A second path will be in between the quince/aronia and the honeyberries (not marked) for picking. Judging by the honeyberries, they are just sticks, despite being two years old. Same goes for the aronia. It will give me time to dig out the new paths, which will also be swales, filled with sawdust. Looking forward to implementing this new plan. The only big question is what apple to get? Do I want one that I harvest and can or one that stays firm and stores well? Decisions, decisions. More research for another day.


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