18 Feb 2019

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No data for me. The hard drive is dead. Must recreate the whole thing from scratch. I'll be searching for an old backup but will be reentering expense data from a huge pile of papers. Yuck! I will be busy with data entry and inventory for the next month. Then on to taxes. It's going to keep me busy, that's for sure.

The leeks are sprouting from Imbolc. The onions which got planted later are still sleeping. This full moon will be the closest that the moon comes to the earth this year on February 19th. Still learning more about planting by the moon to maximize yield. I hope to get at celery and lettuce today. From working all weekend, I have lots of yogurt cups to plant in. I have some washing and sterilizing to do.

We don't know it yet, but the economy is about to get real. With the Chinese tariffs, Brexit, and the slowing Chinese economy, recession is on the horizon. I recommend you listen to John Oliver for an update on Brexit. https://youtu.be/HaBQfSAVt0s

We are preparing for the worst case scenario. I think the US has a little bit of time, unlike Great Britain. I, for one, wish I could stockpile. There is no money for it. My concentration this year is on water. I need to divert it from my house. After listening to the farmers at my symposium, our rain is doubling with climate change. The Gulf of Mexico has been feeding storms up the Ohio River Valley. Once it hits the jet stream coming from the west, storms are merging into giant, torrential downpours, similar to superstorm Sandy. We are getting more of these. Where I live, they cause slides and erosion. My basement is suffering because of an old cystern. Part of it is still hooked up to active drain pipes. These leak into the basement causing mold. My goal is to unhook the drainpipe and collect the water in a storage container with excess drainage leading away from the house or perhaps to a pond. I am slowly gathering pieces of equipment to do so.

Another thing to help manage water is a series of swales down my hillside. That is what my cinderblocks are for. I also want disease resistant trees to help drink up the slack and provide shade. The house roof also needs repair as do the gutters. These, I cannot fix. There is no money, not even for my own ladder. The gutters were all designed to fill a cystern. They come to a central point. In 90 years, no one rerouted them. The garage gutter is actually falling off. I got a repair quote for the garage of $900. But property tax is due next month. That is not to be. Still another item to consider, because our water is being polluted from overflowing open frack waste ponds, I am also looking at Berkey water filtration systems. They are expensive but getting cancer from our drinking water would be even more so expensive. Some days I feel like the little Dutch boy, running out of fingers to plug all the holes in the dike. There is never enough money. I will be focusing on listing things on etsy once the computer situation is fixed. Sadly, I am still using a 20 year old computer as my "new" machine. If I can get a thumb drive to work on it, that is. It is what it is.


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