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I was the first up this morning and will probably be the last to bed. I started out writing a letter. I actually finished it before Hubby got up. There were no orders to ship today. I am working on hand washing all the wool sweaters which means all the dishes got done. Breakfast consisted of homemade granola and yogurt. With food allergies, everything is made from scratch.

Today's crisis was that we were out of acceptable cat food. The stuff we just bought went bad overrnight and had to be thrown out. Kitty was not amused but she wouldn't eat rotten food either. I started some eggs boiling. When Chrono got up, she made egg salad which kitty got some of. The rest went for Chrono's lunch and Hubby's. Chrono headed in to the studio today. She'll pick up acceptable cat food while she's in town. My goal today was to work on more inventory and start clearing the dining room. This is from a different year but you get the idea:

Dining Room?

The big desk has been void of computer for many years now. That bookcase became a garden bed last year. The mess of yarn and piles on top of the loom are constant. So the skeined and dyed yarn was wound into big balls. Then big balls get rewound into one ounce or two ounce balls, depending on the yarn thickness, and labeled. Three crates of yarn were weighed and logged into a notebook since I have yet to get at the computer to repair it. I found another keyboard in the dining room along with a mouse as I cleaned. The new keyboard still has the wrong connector. I started setting up a stable area for staging. Chronographia ran a crowd funder to get her design onto T shirts. She is cleaning up the digital design on her computer to get them printed. I am emptying off the desk and setting up wood crates to hold all the different sized T shirts and hoodies. The desk will be her packaging station to send out the pre-orders. She has all of the shipping supplies and is almost ready to go.

Staging Area

Meanwhile, all my newly wound yarn is ready to go to Gulf Wars. The Pennsic merchant application just came out too. I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on later this week as well as WI sales tax to file. Tonight I cleaned a corner in the living room. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I went through piles of papers. Moved boxes and furniture, then swept the area as clean as I could. Then I swept the dining room. I found more yarn to inventory. Old T shirts got chopped up for dust rags. Slowly, I'm making my way toward the Christmas tree. It has to come down before seed trays can go in front of the picture window. Didn't get that far today.

I'll be starting on grab bags of all those little bits of yarn that weren't enough to be a full one ounce ball but still have plenty of yardage. I also want to finish warping a loom. It's mostly warped. And then the floor loom needs the project off it and edges trimmed to sell at Gulf Wars.

Next on the loom

Tomorrow I have more yarn to wind and then must study for this weekend's gig. I have three days of handing out yogurt samples at various grocery stores around the area. They call it demo-ing or being a brand ambassador. I need to learn slogans, ingredients, potential allergens, print out time sheets and figure out which store to go to on which day. Hopefully, the kit will arrive with instructions, coupons, and supplies. I supply a table, tablecloth, waste bucket, and probably a cooler. Plus I get to wear my spiffy uniform. Come Monday, I will barely be able to walk.

Back to working in the refrigerator case at the grocery store
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Not everything works out the way you plan it. There was a great Sheep and Wool show in Canby where I picked up some beautiful Polworth fleece on a closeout. I didn't have much money but I picked up what I could. It wasn't enough for the knitted tam I started. Rip, rip. I finished spinning the lot and joined all the bits into one big ball of yarn. Not eight ounces, merely four. I think I can use this hand spun for weft on a scarf. The colors are cinnabar red and van dyke brown. It is small stuff that I worked on today.

Bookkeeping is an ongoing and tedious chore but necessary. Some more inventory got done today. Then I was banished for a bit to my studio where I listened to a podcast and worked on my frosted green shawl. The loom is one that you stand up to use. One needs to take a break when hunching over the computer. Varying tasks and limiting the time you spend in one position helps avoid repetitive strain.

I also ripped out another hat that I ran short on yarn. Instead, I'm blending it with another color, putting in a stripe pattern to stretch the yarn. Now this flatcap is moss green with grass green stripes. I have too many projects I started that ended up in the corner or in a tote bag. The new hat is coming along nicely. Hope to have it done so I can run a load of felted hats this week. I usually wait until I have four hats before running a load. Water is expensive as is sewage treatment. With the next show coming up in two weeks, time to get busy.

It took two of us but both the fridge and the freezer are clean! The big freezer just got hazed by exploding wine bottles. In thirty years of making my own wine and mead, I have never had this happen. Bad potassium sorbate or something. The wine refermented and started shooting corks everywhere. So the freezer was sticky. The inside had ice built up as well as fleece that got frozen into the mix. It was cold enough outside to put everything into a bin and set it on the back porch while the freezer thawed. The fridge, on the other hand, had unidentifiable food items in it. Containers got pitched, shelves bleached, drawers washed, etc. It was a good start to the year. Purging and looking at everything from a fresh perspective. The refrigerator is too big for us. We really don't need that much space. Still looking at redesigning the kitchen, but that's a story for another day.

Yesterday was my day to cook. I made GF Pan de Yuca as buns for sloppy joes. We had that with rice chips, carrot sticks and a pickle. Today was leftovers. Jen's making granola right now. That wonderful smell makes it hard to sleep!

Pan de Yuca
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Starting slowly. I cleaned one small corner of the attic. I found a whole bag of yarn. Imagine that! Two less boxes occupying my world.

Next came the 10/3 hemp yarn. I look at what colors I am out of. The world must have rainbows! So more dye is on order. I moved backstock into the etsy store. That means I have a box of hand dyed yarn that is being saved for whoever runs out first. If the road show sells out of a color, then I top off a display. If the etsy store sells out, then I move it to the etsy shelves. I have very specific areas for all three so no one gets mixed up. There is nothing worse than selling an item and going to the shelf to find that it doesn't exist. So a healthy case of OCD is good in this business. Today's hemp color is hunter green. I dyed it before the chaos of Pennsic. Now there is one less skein in the dining room and more in the etsy store!

Hand Dyed Hemp Yarn

When you take a picture for etsy, they compress it in such a way that it can screw up color. This green is a prime example. I tried to adjust in photoshop, but it really wasn't good. Well, back to work! My miter saw is in.
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My project to tidy up Cold Comfort Farm, I mean the Marigold House, is starting to take effect. The veterans came and took away 2 big boxes of stuff that has been sitting around for 30 years. We've only lived in this house for 17 years but apparently we don't go in for throwing anything away. I opened a box that has not been opened in all that time. It was like shopping in my own house. I found dishes I could use. The rest went to charity.

More fabric stash is being exhumed. There must be 15 or more Copy Paper boxes of fabric up there. Some are just scraps that have collected over time for quilting. Others have yardage. Some were given to me. It's going to take a while to decide what to keep and what to sell. The stash includes feed sacks from the 1940s. I also must iron and take pictures of the ones I want to sell and that takes time. Some of these found new homes this week on the other side of the globe. Yeah! More space for me.

Vintage Fabrics #4

One thing I did learn is that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I had my first real job and bought a lot of stuff. We had some nice fabric stores back then. There was a great quilt shop up in Erie called Ragstock. I loved that place. Minnesota Fabrics was still around. Joann's had fabric sales for a dollar a yard. Those were the days, my friend. I have more floral patterns than is healthy. Watch for them over the next month to get aded to the other vintage stuff I've got online at http://www.ursulasalcove.etsy.com
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The rain has stopped. The tree is down. The street is fixed. The interruptions have stopped. The big box o yarn was carried in plastic down the mountain through the rain to the post office. Yarn cards are in progress. Yarn is being wound by hand because the electric ball winder needs more attention than I can give it right now. Six more colors of cotton to do and then on to the green color card. More projects lie in wait for my attention. Maybe the yarn will come in so I can finish the two custom hats. That' be nice. Maybe the etsy store will also ship my yarn I bought last week and still haven't seen. I suppose I should check where its coming from in case customs is involved. The soft purples I bought off ebay already arrived. I'm happy about that.

And then the maelstrom happened. In order to fix the sidewalk, a permit is required. According to the boro, I am not the homeowner and cannot sign the paperwork. I'm sure the mortgage company would like to know who's been sending them checks. This was as bad as when the State of New York ruled that my ten year old daughter was not my dependent. That's another story. I was in the shower when the contractor pounded on the door. He called Jennifer and got her out of bed. Then he left for a bit. He's working on a house just around the corner. I got dressed and combed my hair. He came back and explained how frustrating the guy at the boro office was to deal with. I concurred. So there was now a frantic digging for papers to see if I could find some document from the sale of the house almost 20 years ago. Apparently, they needed the parcel number. I went through the papers in the safe. I went through the file cabinet. I have papers on darn near everything except what I needed. I even called State Farm. After the pile on the floor was quite deep, I finally found the folder stuck way back in the filing cabinet pretending it was part of the wood. I had a property tax statement, a transfer of deed, and my driver's license. It would not have needed to be an immediate crisis, except the boro permit guy was leaving on vacation. The sidewalk must be done while the weather holds. It couldn't wait. Dummy here ran out to the borough office with wet hair and now I have a cold coming on. Turned out the only problem was they couldn't spell my husband's name. Got the permit before the guy left for lunch. Sigh of relief.

Instead of getting anything useful done, I now had to wade through a veritable sea of papers. I started with the IRA statements, then 20 year old pay stubs, then 20 year old medical bills, and old insurance riders. All had social security numbers on them. I shredded for a while. It gets old after an hour. Gave up and burned a bunch in a metal bucket. I gave the rest to my parrots to shred. They now have a paper cave which they're very happy with. The guano and shredding will occur and keep them occupied for hours.

Da birds who need their cage cleaned

I often wonder why I feel like I never accomplish anything.


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