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Today started out with dishes. We don't have a dishwasher. I need to wet felt at the sink so it's gotta be clean. I noticed a pile of dirty sweaters so hand laundry followed dishes. Then it was lunch time so I made pancakes. This was followed by yardwork. It hit 63° today. Second or third time in 2017 to do so. I had picked up woodshavings from Egil yesterday. I moved those out of the truck. I am not using them just yet so I made a mountain of bags along the back porch. I added my coffee grounds to the upper tier. That is the garden I will start first this year. I had to make a tiny palisade or stick fence to keep the dirt where I want it. Hills, erosion, etc. It rained on and off all day.


A new garden section was started next to the garage. I had previously dug a swale. The new hillock/garden bed needed brown paper added to it. Then I put some gardeners plastic on top, weighted down by bricks, rocks and a log. I want to kill off any weeds. Normally I don't dig but this will save water. Eventually I want a greenhouse in this location. The ground will need to be leveled before that. This garden is a halfway solution. The digging of the swale lowers the high side and builds up the lower side, slowly leveling it out.

The attic creature is running up and down right now, distracting me. I wonder if it's a racoon or a possum. It still sounds like its using the drainpipe to get up to the attic. I can't tell whether its on the outside of the pipe or the inside. Nobody has sprayed the backyard, marking territory. The deer have been busy elsewhere. Only the squirrels hang out. You don't want to know how many peanut shells I found today.

I scraped more dirt out of the old brick raised bed plot. There are so many tree roots in there. No wonder nothing really grew. That tree sucked out all the water. I will need to cut that mulberry back. It's getting too big for its own britches.


I looked over my seedlings. Eventually some will need bigger pots, like the Swiss Chard. So I set off to collect dirt out of old planters while we had a thaw. I mixed it with worm poo and water. The worms tried to escape today. One made it halfway to the back door! I checked out the vermiculture beds and topped those off with shredded paper. Three big pots with wet dirt went into the oven to sterilize. I cooked it at 250 for about an hour while I chased off to the post office and Starbucks. A couple of bills got paid. I wish I could pay them all off. I also wish I could go off grid.


In the upper tier, new ground ivy is growing. Dandelions are occupying my paths. Phlox is green and covering the strip along the driveway. Strange, strange winter. I reviewed last year's journel entries. The weather pattern is similar but 2017 is about 20° warmer than last year. Thursday will be our cold day, going down to 15°. Then back up to daytime highs in the mid-forties and fifties. Weird weird winter.


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