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A peek at the weather forcast for the rest of February indicates that our lowest low temperatures will only be 32°. Many days, the highs will be in the 60s. Never in my lifetime has this occurred.

Reworking Wine Bottle Border

I have been preoccupied with preparing garden beds. Above you see in the mandala garden, I spent time measuring distance from the tree to place wine bottles as a border. More work needs to be done to complete it. I evened out the circle because it was looking lopsided. The previous border used logs which move, especially rolling down the hill.

I did a layout with a totally new configuration for the front yard garden. It centers on the new peach tree. I am trying to reflect the mandela design to the other side of the front walkway. It will be circular but truncated by the slate sidewalk which follows a curvy path from the front door to the steps. The unruly tall plants are getting moved to the back. Hopefully I can transplant all the sunflowers that sprout as well as the hollyhocks. The hollyhocks are already in evidence since the new seedlings got started last year and never died back this winter. Parts of the ground are still frozen which is good. I am still finding sunchokes in the compost. Those are getting moved to make a privacy fence between my driveway and the neighbor's house. As a foodstuff, they disagree with me. As a fence, they have more use. The deer can't abide them either.

Garden Plans

Front Yard Garden- My design involves digging swales to accumulate water. The idea is to store it in the ground. Because of the hill, raised beds won't work. So instead, I'm lowering the paths. I should not need to water as much and I will not experience the erosion when it rains hard. Wood shavings from my woodworking friend are going into the lowered paths. The shavings compress after a lot of walking on them, almost like presser board. I have been busy moving coreopsis and digging a small section of the path by hand. I also started on a back wall with cuttings from my trimming. There deer have been munching on the tulips which are already coming up. Fencing is also on my todo list.

Spring Fever

The seedlings are coming along. Lovage and Good King Henry are no shows. I may try to sprout Good King Henry in the refrigerator. The seedlings have been going outside each day to harden off. These are all cold weather plants. There are three kinds of lettuce, arugula, swiss chard, bok choi, parsley, and leeks. With luck, I'll get a cold frame or a covered row going soon. Time is precious. Too much to do.


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