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Almost three am. I did chores, paid bills, got groceries, did two sessions of job training. Called the new manager who has no communication skills at all. Guess what? She didn't respond. So now I know why no one represents this company in our area. After next weekend, I think I will pass too. There are other jobs out there. I prepared yarn orders and shipped. I started on a new section of garden. Digging is hard work. My cotton arrived today. I need to figure out just how much is backordered. I sold my vertical warping mill. I almost forgot I owned one. I have so much stuff I walk past every day, I don't even see it any more. So many things! Decluttering in process. Paying the bills with the bounty.

I am excited. I splurged and got a full sunlight spectrum LED for my plants but I think having one in a ceiling fixture might not be a bad idea. Our lighting is so bad. I have SADs so bad, I just wanted to suntan under the plant lamp. I ate chocolate instead. Sigh.

Pumpkin bread got made tonight while I added items to both websites. http://www.UrsulasYarn.etsy.com and http://www.UrsulasAlcove.etsy.com Check out the new listings!

Falling behind on production for my upcoming show. Sleep. Then back to work! No rest. Must weave. Must finish bags.
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Sometimes it's not enough. The winningas are still on the loom. I wove 18' so far, representing at least 19 hours of time. Soon I will run out of weft. Then I'll stop. The loom is supposed to be dressed with linen for a first Friday at the gallery in two days. Gaugh! Instead, I have bathed my husband and taken him to medical appointments. I battled with hospital billing to correct errors. I have cooked and scraped as much money out of the bottom of the barrel to pay bills. It may not be enough. There is no unemployment. It was denied. Michigan does not know how to process out of state workers. The state pocketed that money. That leaves us without an income again. All the profits from the weekend show went to pay bills. All the money from the mail orders too. Despite appearances, I as a business, do not make enough money to support two adults with credit card payments, a mortgage, and a car payment. Today's meals cleaned out the larder as well as a good bit of the garden. This is where Miracle Max needs to step in.

In case you are reading this Max, I need a husband who can walk and think. I need incoming money to equal outgoing money, possibly exceed it but I'm not picky. I need hospital billing people to type in data correctly so benefits can be paid. I need the weather to cooperate a bit so the garden can feed us. Thanks for your consideration. I know there's true love in there somewhere, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

I have been working hard to leverage time and materials to create a good selection on the webpage. I have some great events coming up which could go a long way to getting us back in the black. I have people who want to help me help myself. Time is what I don't have. The neurologist is next week. SCA 50 year is in 2 weeks. Now I just need a clone to weave on three looms, wind balls of yarn, dye wool, put my garden in, mow, and cook n clean, make hats, do customer service, etc, etc. Sleep, I miss you.


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