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I was the first up this morning and will probably be the last to bed. I started out writing a letter. I actually finished it before Hubby got up. There were no orders to ship today. I am working on hand washing all the wool sweaters which means all the dishes got done. Breakfast consisted of homemade granola and yogurt. With food allergies, everything is made from scratch.

Today's crisis was that we were out of acceptable cat food. The stuff we just bought went bad overrnight and had to be thrown out. Kitty was not amused but she wouldn't eat rotten food either. I started some eggs boiling. When Chrono got up, she made egg salad which kitty got some of. The rest went for Chrono's lunch and Hubby's. Chrono headed in to the studio today. She'll pick up acceptable cat food while she's in town. My goal today was to work on more inventory and start clearing the dining room. This is from a different year but you get the idea:

Dining Room?

The big desk has been void of computer for many years now. That bookcase became a garden bed last year. The mess of yarn and piles on top of the loom are constant. So the skeined and dyed yarn was wound into big balls. Then big balls get rewound into one ounce or two ounce balls, depending on the yarn thickness, and labeled. Three crates of yarn were weighed and logged into a notebook since I have yet to get at the computer to repair it. I found another keyboard in the dining room along with a mouse as I cleaned. The new keyboard still has the wrong connector. I started setting up a stable area for staging. Chronographia ran a crowd funder to get her design onto T shirts. She is cleaning up the digital design on her computer to get them printed. I am emptying off the desk and setting up wood crates to hold all the different sized T shirts and hoodies. The desk will be her packaging station to send out the pre-orders. She has all of the shipping supplies and is almost ready to go.

Staging Area

Meanwhile, all my newly wound yarn is ready to go to Gulf Wars. The Pennsic merchant application just came out too. I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on later this week as well as WI sales tax to file. Tonight I cleaned a corner in the living room. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I went through piles of papers. Moved boxes and furniture, then swept the area as clean as I could. Then I swept the dining room. I found more yarn to inventory. Old T shirts got chopped up for dust rags. Slowly, I'm making my way toward the Christmas tree. It has to come down before seed trays can go in front of the picture window. Didn't get that far today.

I'll be starting on grab bags of all those little bits of yarn that weren't enough to be a full one ounce ball but still have plenty of yardage. I also want to finish warping a loom. It's mostly warped. And then the floor loom needs the project off it and edges trimmed to sell at Gulf Wars.

Next on the loom

Tomorrow I have more yarn to wind and then must study for this weekend's gig. I have three days of handing out yogurt samples at various grocery stores around the area. They call it demo-ing or being a brand ambassador. I need to learn slogans, ingredients, potential allergens, print out time sheets and figure out which store to go to on which day. Hopefully, the kit will arrive with instructions, coupons, and supplies. I supply a table, tablecloth, waste bucket, and probably a cooler. Plus I get to wear my spiffy uniform. Come Monday, I will barely be able to walk.

Back to working in the refrigerator case at the grocery store
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If I don't write it down, I'll forget. Strange not having to run to Starbucks for grounds today. It allowed me to tackle a number of other projects. I made a liner for my pouffe out of canvas today. Ironed the canvas, measured it all out, stay-stitch the edges,stitch and happy dance! It's done. One less thing on the floor. I will slowly fill it up with weaving left-overs, scrap fleece, etc. Once we actually have an income, I will pop down to Shop n Save to get cedar chips (hamster cage lining) to keep bugs out of the scrap wool. Once it's full, I'll have a hassock or floor cushion. I got it at OKRF for a song. It just needed new stuffing.

While I was cutting canvas, I decided to line a basket as well with the canvas. The foot pedal on the machine was so hot, I quit sewing for the day. I did get the cutting done and hope to sew it tomorrow. By lining the basket, I will have a display that won't snag on yarn or fleece. The basket has rivets. It's nice and sturdy but snags my sale items. Not good. I can fix that! That will also accomplish getting my basket out of the way. I think I will fill it with hand-dyed wool batts.

I finished carding my fleece for wet felting a hat. Chrono had a tax appointment and needed a navigator. I obliged. Taking my fleece, foam form, and my needles, I managed to felt most of it by the time she was done. Hopefully pictures tomorrow. I wet felted it tonight but it needs to be smaller. So into the washer it goes with the other hats Chronographia is doing for Festival of Legends. I did hit the halfway point today weaving this scarf:

So back to that garden thing, toward evening, I planted, knowing a storm would water for me tonight. I got the salad garden in yesterday. Lettuce, beets, mustard greens, and some yarrow to fix my nitrogen problem. Today I put in a purple bean along the front fence line. It will also help with nitrogen. If I don't plant beans really early, something eats them. Later on, once the co-op or farmer's market is going, I need dill. It is supposed to help with the bug eating my plants, especially cabbage moths. We appear to have a healthy crop of catepillars too. Then Chrono reminded me we have seedling potatoes in the basement that need a home. That took the better part of the late afternoon. Weeds had to be dug before I could plant. The clay was wet and heavy. I also planted Daikon radishes to break up some of that clay.

Then I came up with an idea. I have all these cardboard yarn cones. I chopped off the tips to make them all about 4" tall. I covered the bottom of one with newspaper and stacked it inside a second cone to hold the newspaper in place. Filled it up with dirt and planted larkspur in my new seed cup. Then I took my seed cups outside and planted them into the garden. This way I can tell where I planted my flowers and I will know that the stuff in the cup is not a weed. I plant them in groups of three in each corner of my rhubarb quadrant. Here's the rhubarb before I got at the Larkspur. I am waiting on my Lupine to sprout. The packet says 21 days. If it decides to grow, it will fill in more of this bed.

Note to self, companion plant chives with strawberries. New plants from Mulberry Farms got planted in the raised bed in the backyard. They came in this week and are just lovely.


29 Mar 2014 03:03 pm
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Giving my shoulder a break. The sewing machine got too fussy and I hand stitched way too much of this. It's still not done but it's an awful lot closer to finished. This sat for two years after I felted the fabric. I hope my friend likes it.

inside pocket caribbean bag

caribbean bag - should strap

caribbean bag - jand stitching

caribbean bag in progress

It didn't end up the way I envisioned it. It's taller than I expected. I have to check out the strap length before attaching it to the other side. My friend is shorter than I am. I hope it doesn't involve too much rework. That could side line it again.

Meanwhile I got bit by another project with a hard deadline. That one involves weaving a scarf/stole for a wedding in May. I bought yarn on eBay which I'm pleased with as well as some old standby yarn from Webs. It's hard to find textured white (not cream/natural) yarn. At the moment, the angora is giving me fits. It doesn't want to tension well. The baby alpaca/silk is sweet to work with. I think it will be fine. I just needed a break.
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Jack Frost's artwork

Between the snow, single digit temps, and wind, well, its been a great excuse to ignore the outside world. There's been cooking, and cleaning. Warping the big loom with 13 yards of 20/2 wool. And with the temperature set to dip well below zero, sock repair! I have bunches of wool socks I bought from a sutlery years ago. I haven't seen anyone carrying these socks so I've been busy patching more holes. About half the loom is warped at this point. It really goes inch by inch. Chronographia has been helping me comb out the knots. I have been starching the warp as I go.

And We're Warping

I asked Mistress Meagan what would be best to sell at GW. Someone had suggested winningas but Mistress Elsbeth will have that covered. MM suggested the fabric because ME couldn't keep up both fabric production and winningas. So a warping we will go. I looked over the complex weaves for the middle ages. This is a really awesome newsletter: http://www.cs.arizona.edu/patterns/weaving/webdocs/mnm_mt35.pdf
I'm going with the Goose Eye, Chevron, Pointed Herringbone threading by Marguerite Davidson with the number IV tie-up. It will give me the most useful warp and I won't have to change the threading for a while. I went with a sett of 24 epi, two threads per hole in a 12 dent reed. I measured out 13 yds and used Master Jose's method of warping with loops and a post. It works great since I need two strands per slot. I'm using my nifty oriface hook from Pin Money. In my stash, I have 2.5 lbs. of a light grey 2/20 wool. I also have a gull grey slightly thicker wool/alpaca blend. It's what I have in quantity and its mostly wool. Moreover, it's the right thickness, a 2/14. I like my weft slightly thicker than my warp.

And We're Warping

And We're Warping

And We're Warping

My mind is on Gulf Wars. The lure of Mississippi is strong in this weather. So I also started my volunteer's gift for GW. They collect "thank you" gifts from all the merchants for the volunteers. The cold weather has inspired me to make socks this year. I am taking all the leftover scraps from other socks I've made and putting them together. The knit night folks have also been giving me scraps. It's amazing how much yarn that adds up to. It's going to be colorful.

Many thanks to Turmeric Saffron for the wonderful recipe for Abgousht Bozbash!

Abgousht Bozbash
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Fixing Noro

But the dreams are telling me there is work to be done and a show to travel to. I have to try to finish existing projects because I am an artist easily influence by sight, smell and sound. Once I have spent two weeks at Pennsic, my mind will be in a vastly different space which makes it really hard to pick up where I left off. I finished the teal loose weave shawl/scarf. I need to finish the buttercream which was in turn derailed back in May by Art in the Garden. The carding fleece has stopped. The fleece has been put away for now. After Pennsic, I hoped to get back to spinning grey sparkling lilac to ply with Noro for a shawl. I also started a scarlet shawl for Beth, only a year overdue. 20 + 12 + 8 nails so far. Herringbone. Largest setting on loom. The Beka loom has an eco printing scarf on it. It's plain weave, raw silk, naturally dyed in alum and osage orange. I want to imprint black dahlia's on it.

To be Eco printed

Black Dahlias

Beth's Shawl

As it cools down for the evening, I need to find empty totes and start packing. The basement is also an extracurricular project needing my attention. Must wash clothes and fill water bottles for the freezer.
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Hubby has gone through two cataract surgeries in two weeks. He can finally see out of the first eye but is frustrated now. He just had the second one operated on. He no longer needs glasses to drive but has nothing to see the computer with or mid-distance. So I took him to the store and got him reading glasses. I also made appointments for both of us with our regular optometrist next week for new glasses. Life is better now. At least he can see well enough to file for unemployment online. Tomorrow he has a phone interview.

Meanwhile, when I'm not being his chauffeur, chief cook and bottle washer, I've been nursing two testy old vehicles, both with over 230,000 miles on them. Finally got both fixed up a bit this week. There is still more work that could be done, but well enough to get them back to PA and into state inspection. That means waiting rooms for hours on end. I finished knitting a hat for felting. I also got a lot of work done on my socks. Only six more rows to knit and then I can wear them! Back in the Extended Stay America, there is no decent television coverage. Mostly been listening to hockey games over the internet, but there's nothing on tonight. I brought my weaving loom and am weaving a strap for some purses I have in progress.

Almost Done

Wish I brought my next project with or some hand sewing. I'm going to run out of things to do.


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