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beneath the japanese maple tree

I really love this time of year. It's still cool enough to be outside. I wilt over 80 degrees. I prefer 50 to 70 degrees. But that's me! I was out in the rain yesterday picking dandelions to make wine. We really needed the rain. It was dry. I took pictures at dusk. Yes, mosquitoes are alive and well.

Missed these

It seems the tulips are not the only thing the deer like to eat. I went to the hardware store and have plans for my fence. I only bought eye-screws. My thought is to take hemp twine and warp my posts every 2-3". I will use bamboo sticks as weft space every 6" or perhaps wider. I don't have an infinite supply of bamboo. But I can also plant peas and other things that need to be staked.

deer like to eat hostas

We scoped out the plants at Ace for the trees I want to plant. I am told that I need to speak to Woody who is the guru and they will have a large order coming in in two weeks. They have witch hazel. It's a start.

I went through my seeds again. I got rid of more packets. This year, the viable seed is from 2011 to present. Although the Kale was a looser. Here's what came up in the seed cups:

seeds that work

It won't be long before there are tiny strawberries for salads. The alpine strawberries have been blooming in the cold. The bees are happy here.

alpine strawberry
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Beans, Magic Beans
Going through the cupboard to see what seeds are around. I have King of the Early Heirloom bean seeds. Unknown when the last successful harvest was. I try to keep up with at least one plant for seed each year but haven't had a good harvest in a long time. The Speckled Yellow Eye Dried beans were originally purchased in 1995. I tried those recently too. I have some darn bug in the front yard eating stuff, even the rhubarb. Snow Peas have been around a long time too. The Seed Savers Peas in the seed packet are unopened from 2011. They might grow. As well as the Cincinnati Market Radishes. Burpee radishes date from 1995. The green and yellow beans were packed for 2002. We never throw anything away.
The squash seed are old. Some never opened from 1996 to 2012. I was planning on cucumbers instead of squash. I wonder how bizarre they would look spilling out of the window box and into the bushes? The Zucchini are from last year and should germinate. Hmm. . . That would foil the pesky rabbit. What'd'ya think?

Planting Guide for square foot gardening: http://www.yourgardensolution.org/planting-guide/
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Winter is slouching off into the distance. After spending a week in Mississippi where the season is further along, I thought it was high time to garden. Mind you, the ground was frozen this morning. At the moment, its not. I bravely attempted to level the ground to make a raised bed. I laid in some bricks with John's help, just a footprint for now. John did the moving of bricks from the lower front yard to the higher backyard. A neighbor gifted us with quite a collection. I put a cut tree limb along the edge with a drop off. I also grabbed some flat boulders for the corners on the low end. I am not using mortar for this bed. We'll see how it goes. The area in between the two raised beds is now covered with old carpeting so I don't have to try to mow or weed wack there. The rake we bought was junk. It broke into three pieces. I don't think I ever used it but I'd bought it many years ago so can't take it back.

My thoughts are to plant root vegetables in the mortared bed. I went to Sustainable Seeds and bought Detroit Dark Red Beet Seeds, Hollow Crown Parsnip Seeds, Organic Early Purple Kohlrabi, and at Whole Foods, some colorful carrot seed. I will be doing square foot gardening. In the new adjacent bed, I will try my dried heirloom beans with radishes to get rid of those icky bugs that love to munch on them. The bean seeds are old so we'll see what germinates. Sustainable Seed : http://sustainableseedco.com/

The front yard is already tilled where I dug in last fall's leaves. In one section will go potatoes. Not sure how many volunteers we'll end up with from last year. We have some baby potatoes from fall, living in dirt in the basement that will get planted. I have a large section that overgrew with crab grass or some other noxious grass that needs to be slowly dug up and pulled by hand. I have yet to locate homes for the following: Long Island Improved Brussel Sprouts, Snow's Fancy Pickling Cucumber, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Black Plum Paste Tomatoes, and Organic Rubin Lettuce. Lettuce will probably go in that weedy section with tomatoes that we'll start in pots. I have snow pea seed from previous years that could also be planted. If I get an area with a trellis, I can start peas and segway to cukes. We're going to skip squash this year. The farmer's market has some lovely ones in fall. I don't want to cross polinate the cukes with squash. It happens too easily. I have pots ready for the order from Holland Bulbs in Michigan. I'm getting some strawberry plants and some Nuit D'ete Cactus Dahlias. http://www.hollandbulbfarms.com/


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