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The soil is slowly getting tested, bed by bed. So far, my overall yard soil is high in potash (potassium), deficient in Nitrogen. We are working on that. See David the Good's survival gardening. https://youtu.be/Fp1dxOmBD00
Phospherous is low as well. Fish emulsion or a buckwheat cover crop should fix that. Fishing around here means PCBs so I am not going out to catch fish nor do I have an aquaponics setup yet. I do have a whole bag of buckwheat seed so this works. The pH varies by bed, depending on what's growing there. The blueberries need acidic soil. With the help of yew, pine, and spruce needles, the pH was successfully lowered down to 6.5. When I moved in 23 years ago, the soil was at 8.0. So yeah! Thank you neighbors for all the curbside Christmas trees. Much appreciated!

Please don't write and tell me to rotate crops. I grow perennials. You don't just go out and move trees and bushes around each year.

Blueberry Patch Soil Test

Pure Coffee Ground testing after one year:
PH 6.5 to 7.0
Nitrogen Sufficent
Potash adequate
Phospherous Sufficient

This was done on the herb spiral which had no soil added to it at all. It had a few plants (basil and fennel) added as mulch but no grass clippings. All the rest was coffee grounds from Starbucks. The coffee grounds lost volume as they decomposed. I had to add a lot more to bring the soil line back up to height. I'd say half to 3/4 was lost. I am very pleased with this bed. Free brick, free grounds, great value. The basil loves it most.


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