8 Mar 2017 02:12 am
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No posts this week. Packing and preparing for Gulf Wars as well as finishing data for tax season. More posts soon.
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Apparently, they didn't read the script. I moved one of the currant bushes into my mandela garden. The sense of scale is all screwed up. The currant bush dwarfs the jelly bean bush. I need to move the jelly bean again. I think gardening must involve Feng Shui or something. This is more like moving furniture around. The sheet mulch I put down is not that forgiving. The holes for the bushes were pre-dug. So, on my one arch, I will have three same size currant bushes (medium-sized) with short plants TBD in front. That leaves me with the odd couple of blueberry bushes, one really tall and one short. Hmm. The coffee grounds need time as does the cardboard to decompose. The grass underneath needs to die and become loam. Not a process you can rush. Continuing my coffee mandela one load of coffee grounds at a time. Even the cross country runners noticed the smell. I am making absolutely sure that none of the coffee goes anaerobic. (It's a nasty smell produced when no oxygen is premitted while it decomposes.) At the moment, the project looks bad because the paths are not covered in mulch yet. But it smells good! Still waiting for word on the chipper-shredder.

The rest of the day was spent doing customer service and winding balls of yarn. The 2/24 SuperLamb is great for Viking embroidery. I am replacing stock that was sold at Gulf Wars and online with freshly hand-wound balls of soft wool. I got through the reds and browns today. 392 yards in a ball takes a long time to wind. I called the mill and ordered sold-out colors. Mundane but necessary things to do. Bookkeeping, so far behind! I typed for an hour, trying to catch up. I listened to my supplier. I called a professional to do my taxes. I really am so far behind! I've never filed this late before. Tax appointment tomorrow. I went through everything and think I have it all together. Fingers crossed! With the lay-off, I need to file for ACA this month and I need the taxes done before I can do that. We get to file in three states, plus the Fed and the borough, five forms in all and a Schedule C for the business. Yes, let the Pro's handle it.

So after taxes are done, then comes quarterly sales tax. And I wonder why I never get anything done.

Bloodroot poking up through the coffee grounds. It's blooming later this year. Usually I'm at Gulf Wars when it blooms. I hope to help it spread. The roots are great for natural dyes.
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Periwinkle Blues

I have been managing to warp one day and weave half the next and finish on the third day. We'll see how many scarves get done. Now I have Spotify, more are likely. I had a very enjoyable day listening to Aerosmith and The Moody Blues. I'm also managing to get a couple flowers done each day.

Spring Flowers

I noticed I spent way too much time online this week. I didn't think I was lonely but I do miss my garden. I had so many things to coordinate this week. Very few of my phone calls actually got through. PA won't tell me why they are charging me money when the income tax form says they owe me. Juggling bank accounts without my spreadsheet is hard. Money is tight because of PA's antics. Local taxes must also be filed, plus we still need to reach the ACA people who we're playing telephone tag with. Yeah, I need to just get it all done so I can play with my felting.

Eighties Flashback

This one is really more berry-colored than magenta. I could use a real camera and photoshop. It's halfway done. More flowers are forthcoming!
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Fortunately, I'm not a mouse or a man. My plan to conquer the universe has been put on hold. I have so much makeup work to do! I spent the day preparing my spreadsheets for taxes. I had receipts from four events to log and a pile of invoices to add into the fray. I got Texas filed. I got my receipts entered. I once again absolutely failed to figure out what my monthly business budget should be based on sales. I cannot make heads or tails of business trends. So instead, I got the air conditioner out of the window. And finally succeeded in getting that stupid screen back in tight. I picked more parsley and chopped it. Dishes are somewhat done as well as two loads of laundry. I made a horrible dinner. The apple compote was undercooked and turned black in my saucepan from the cast iron. My pancakes burned and there were only two pieces of bacon. We're gonna be hungry before morning. Good thing there's oatmeal.

Preserving for winter

Tonight I got a batch of yarn dyed in something called golden oaken. It's a yellow brown. It's in the final soak right now. I hope to get that hung to dry. Monday there will be orders to ship and doctors to call. No one should have to wait three months to see a doctor, that's ridiculous, especially after hospitalization. We may just have to go out of state. Earliest available appointment is January 16th! I made it just in case the others are worse. Oi vey. Tomorrow is Sunday. Hopefully I can finish up PA taxes and have some down time. There are dandelions calling me outside. I could do another dyebath before winter sets in. I want to play!


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