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This entry is more for me to remember. I planted about half of the seedlings. All of the Swiss Chard went into the garden. There was a lot of it. It went into three different beds. It takes up a lot of space when fully grown. Three went into the upper tier where I found more onions that the squirrel dug up. At the moment, there is arugula, the tiny cherry tree with rust spots, garlic, black raspberry, onions, bok choi, swiss chard and strawberries around the gooseberry and honeyberries.

I worked on the next tier. I made a tiny palisade edge to hold in the dirt and compost, vertical sticks with a bunch of horizontal twigs. Added coffee grounds to the existing leaves in the pile. The Goumi bush is flowering. The other trees and bushes are holding off yet. The brick square raised bed needs more chiseling to disassemble it. Meanwhile, I am scraping out the dirt to put into the herb spiral. The tansy stayed green all winter. Chocolate mint is spreading around the Asian Pear as planned. Trying out the mint for pest control. No one likes wormy pears.

The wood shavings are slowly being removed from the herb spiral and replaced with actual soil. Currently, the herb spiral just has skirret, yarrow, hyssop, and some struggling chives. Hoping to add the parsley from the seed tray soon. It's been outside, hardening off. Eventually once the weather settles, the spiral will also get basil and maybe fennel. Hoping to add some rosemary and sage this year, depending on finances. I cleared the old brussel sprout away and weeded. One Welch onion left in the whole bed. That's it. I added a sawdust path next to that bed. Think it'll become this summer's new compost pile. The comfrey is spreading, too fast for my taste. The compost heat should deter the spread. I can't burn there because it'd damage the tree branches overhead.

Spring has sprung

Back to my seed flats, I planted the mizuna in several places around the mandela garden. It did well among the rhubarb two years ago. It also went next to the French Sorrel and in the currant bush patch. Four Swiss Chard also went into the currants. I wasn't sure the currants would survive after last year. They are doing well and look much happier with the maple trimmed back. The Brood V 17 year cicadas may have had something to do with that too last year. Loads of onions in the currant patch as well as some red lettuce. I think that is physically as much as the bed will hold. The sorrel patch has space yet. The Lady's Mantel looks like is will also recover. The bok choi went in there. I still have more plants that need a home. I suspect many will end up around the Lady's Mantle.

And the rose bush that was totally frozen out and dead last year, shot up about a foot away. Its perfect! So happy. I missed that rose.

Spring has sprung

Nasturtium seed tray is still indoors. I just planted an additional tray for the seed moon tonight with lots of tomatoes. I learned a great garden hack today for avoiding leggy plants. Going to have to try this. https://youtu.be/7ut-zUNd4ek

Fourth Tray

So it looks like we are harvesting rhubarb later this week and strawberries soon thereafter. Last year our first harvest was April 22nd.
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