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25 Apr 2019 11:04 pm
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Last weekend the boy toy and I did some reorganizing of the small storage unit behind my condo (basically, it's an extra, non-climate-controlled closet). That involved opening a bunch of boxes of fragile items that had been sealed since I packed them after Mom's death in 1997. I did a good job back then -- absolutely nothing had broken over the years! And there were some things that I'd totally forgotten I had, like a couple of salt and pepper shakers made of blue and white china. They look like nesting chickens. I think my mother acquired them during her "blue and yellow kitchen" period in the 1970s. Boy toy and I added some of the items to the corner cabinet in the dining room and repacked others with less padding so that they would fit into fewer boxes.

I'm amazed at the amount of stuff my parents had. And the boy toy's grandmother too (who was about my mother's age, and who was close to the boy toy, so he inherited her china). I think it was their generation's culture -- they were the ones who didn't have much money in the Depression, and thus not many material possessions, so once they became young adults with their own homes, they wanted to "catch up." Plus, a lot of the modern kitchen gadgets we take for granted hadn't been invented yet, and add to that the social conventions that everybody wanted to entertain and that brides and grooms needed to receive gifts. No wonder, then, everybody had collections of china and covered candy dishes and aluminum-and-glass fruit "baskets" and pretty vases and hors-d'oeuvres trays and punch bowls and ... well, you get the picture.

I suppose I could try to sell this stuff, but I have no idea if it's worth anything. There's probably already too much of it on the market and not enough buyers. Ah, well. I will keep on enjoying these pieces, and maybe someday people will use them to pay for my funeral.

Tomorrow I'm driving out to the Eastern Shore for another "Revenge of the Stitch" SCA event -- a "garb wars" kind of competition in which six-person teams have 24 hours to sew up a whole medieval outfit from scratch. Should be fun, and I will continue to learn hand-sewing techniques.

I should end on a light note: you've got to see these briefs. Warning: you can't *unsee* them! :-D
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It is a common assumption that successful gardening is depending on a green thumb. Some people have the ability to grow a great garden, and some don’t.  People with a green thumb can grow almost anything in any climate. If you don’t have a green thumb, you might be able to develop one if you study...

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25 Apr 2019 04:19 pm
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Today they did puts it in ze baskit!!
Well hallelujah, today they used the box 😊🎉

Thank goodness!!! I guess they needed a day to get used to the option 🤣😂✨🌈
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In an attempt to have small to mid sized delivered packages a little less visible from the road I've been trying to make an easy to see at the front door spot..

For any that want to pipe up with 'well just tell the delivery person next time you see them'. I have for the regulars, but for the delivery company that seems to deliver most often is kind of the Uber of delivery ... they rotates their drivers constantly. I'd have to stalk the door and tell every new delivery person that arrived (at some random point in the day between 9am and 8pm mind you) to 'put's the packages in ze basket'. Which ... kinda defeats the sole convenience of the basket. If I have to watch to see if it's a new delivery person I can just open the door and take the package from them directly and there won't be an issue of it being seen roadside. 🤣😜


First I moved the little wooden stand I have out there to the right a bunch, so there was an area near the door, yet out of sight, available.

That didn't seem to work though. Packages got left on the little stand, or leaned on various parts of the front door.
So I thought.. a basket! Maybe a basket would work.

So the other day I set out a basket in the space I'd initially made next to the stand....
They propped the package up against the outer part of the basket for cryin' out loud. 😜🤣

And so I thought maybe a sign would help..

Put the basket outside in hope that the delivery peeps would put small parcels in it, instead of in full view of the road. Yesterday they propped a parcel against the outside of the basket... 😱 .. and so today I added the sign. Fingers crossed.

Nope. the package was leaned against the front door ... across from the basket. 🤣

So.. what I've gleened from this is that probably :

'A' - they ideally prefer a raised easy to get to surface. Doable. I can just move the basket onto the stand or get one of those tiered basket stands.
'B' - Some are probably in a rush and don't notice the basket, or read the sign. I just need to make it more obvious to the stealth delivery peeps, but not obvious to people traveling by.

So today's game plan. See if I can make the basket sit higher, and make it more noticeable... but not Too noticeable.
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Kylvin 10v vanhoja morsingon siemeniä 5.4, ja ensin näytti, että siemenistä ei tule mitään, mutta pääsiäisen aikaan alkoi tapahtua. Ensin itivät oikeanpuolimmaiset siemenet, jotka on saanut ystävältäni Annalta 2010. Ne olivat ranskalaista alkuperää.
Seuraavaksi alkoivat itää keskellä olevat Englannista 2009 saamani siemenet, ja nyt viimeiseksi näyttävät itävän myös 2009 omista kasveistani keräämäni siemenet vasemmalla.
Säilytän kuivia siemeniä jääkaapin hedelmälokerossa muovipussissa, huoneenlämmössä näistä olisi varmasti itävyys hävinnyt jo aikoja sitten, mutta silti on yllättävää ja hienoa, miten pitkä itävyys morsingon siemenillä on! Varmaan tuoreemmat siemenet olisivat itäneet nopeammin, näillä kesti siis melkein kolme viikkoa itämiseen kasvihuoneessa.

I sowed 10 years old woad seeds in April 5th, and at first I thought that they don't germinate, but during last week-end something started to happen. First to germinate were the seeds on the right. They were originally from France, but I had gotten them from my friend Anna in 2010.
Next germinated seeds in the middle which were a gift from England in 2009, and the last to germinate are the ones on the left, which were from my own plants in 2009.
I keep dry seeds in the fridge wrapped in plastic, so that they don't get moisture. If they were kept in room temperature, I'm sure they wouldn't have been viable any more. It is surprising and great how long the woad seeds can keep their ability to germinate!
Fresh seeds could have germinated faster, I think. It now took almost three weeks for them to germinate in the greenhouse, but there is still enough time for them to grow. 
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dad came over
he couldn't get the fone to work
an old man in the woods
told him how to use it.

told him after his mom lost her eyesight
she moved into an apartment.
she thought that was a good thing to do.
he'd not be lonely in assisted living.

and he had cars missing
so we went looking for his cars
and they are all there.
he pointed where rachel's car had stayed
that one is gone, it was rachel's she came back
and she's driving it, It was never yours.

I'm thankful my cousin steve didn't come get the buick
dad would be freaking about the rust bucket.

mike brought him in the house
and made him dinner and sat will him
while he ate.

I came home and make hamburgers for us.

on the way home I found out
someone bashed up pookie's grave
broke the head of the bear planter
and broke the metal moon off the marker.

this is not the first time
I found evidence of violence
back there in dad's little wooded acres.

think its the poor kid that lives
with lillies son, mike. he wanted him to adopt him
when his mom married mike. but that won't happen
because right now he gets survivers benefits from his dad
and its part of how they survive.
he's a angry kid - lilly and mike did not treat him right
and only made him angrier.

it could have been chaz after a hard day a school
but he's not as strong and I don't think
he could have broken the bear.

think dad's wanting his pistols to kill himself.
because his eyes are so much worse
he refuses to use the readers.
I never found the pistols, 22 & a 45,
so they do not have trigger guards .

its pathetic when the only thing
a kid can do
is beat up a old cat's grave.
there are several cars in the same yard
I hope he keeps his hate to himself.

it finally happened!

24 Apr 2019 04:22 pm
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Helga finally has an enemy! I think, sort of? One of the Iron Tusks in Crystal Creek has it in for her and it makes me so happy!

He accused her of hiring an assassin to kill him! How absolutely droll!

If Helga was going to have him killed, she wouldn't need to hire an assassin. She'd do it herself or chat up a friend.

It amuses me to no end.

I figured out as well why I have no bleed when playing Helga or after playing Helga. She's such a beautiful rest from being me. My mental illnesses and issues from them are useful as Helga and in her world. They're not so useful in the modern world. She's a vacation.

I told that to someone else and it was as though I'd grown a spare head.

Oh well.

Hump Day

24 Apr 2019 07:07 am
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 The rain has stopped, and it's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week. And I think all the trees have gotten the memo, as I have been sneezing a bunch already this morning. 
Once the grass dries enough I need to mow the lawn again already. It's that time of the year again, where I am trying to keep up with the mowing. 🤣

can't move far enough away

24 Apr 2019 04:38 am
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tried calling dad.
so he came over.

turns out he's
disconnecting instead of

I fed him supper- glad i made it early.
he accused me of giving him more than me
I ate mine faster-that's all.
complained about it being too much
but he ate it all. no worry about saving left overs.

tomorrow you'll feel better
because your body got food.
mike arranged to bring him shopping
they're going to look at breakfast foods.
the sister went through the fridge again
she threw out my eggs .
well they're 3 months old can't eat old eggs.
why didn't you eat them, I don't cook.
don't think he remembers how.

the birds had been so loud
in the rain and yesterdays sun
but they're quiet again.

there's a article touting the lack of empathy
some folks have from ingesting tylenol.
think that might be a relief for some folks.

made up peanut butter crackers
for the hungries. we'll see if it works.

up for the tummy

23 Apr 2019 03:45 am
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my head would not turn off
then my tummy clanged in hungry
ignored it for half an hour,
but here I am at 3:33am?
waiting to see if I ate enough.
tried sneaking in a tylenol
hoping it won't go sour.
need a snack up here, pudding cups? :)

last night it felt like (while sleeping)
something sawed across my left leg
just above my knee, so I was very careful
to not make a cut happen.

been watching how to do pedicures
I used to do them as a nursing assistant
its nice to see how they are done
there are certain ones that know to do it
with out making damage. the meticulous manicurist,
she does the smart thing and they soak first.
thinking about getting tools and cuticle remover liquid
wonder if susan has taken the foot bath.


I love lucus 'what is it!'

2nd times a charm
time for this infidelius to sleep

Oh Monday, you rainy fool

22 Apr 2019 06:58 am
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Supposed to rain a bunch today.. and then nice weather the rest of the week.
Even Mother Nature has it in for Mondays it seems. 🤣

My garden and the lawn are loving it though, so that's alright. Except .. I'll have to mow the lawn again soon. 😂

Not a whole lot planned for today. It's recycling day, so I put things on the curb to be taken away later. I also had cleaned up some unused flower pots and put them at the curb for free.
I'm doing raised beds more often than not, and so they were just stacked up and becoming spider homes. Time for them to go to someone who can use them.

Later Aaron wants to go pick up our regular Noodle Box takeout order (the regular peeps there know our takeout order by heart, so when they see my number they just answer with 'hi' or 'how are you today', and ask if we are getting the usual. 😍😜)

After lunch I am not sure what I'll get up to. Probably rainy day tidying.
Hope everyone has a great Monday

avoided the mess

22 Apr 2019 03:56 am
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dad did ok
the church people
were not helpful.

my oastra decoration
yesterdays leavings
had to get a quick picture
before the rain.
maybe the kids will like them?
or they won't survive more rain.
the package is there so its contents are known

here's taking a risk and then there's being downright reckless.
As the Sun conjuncts Uranus, the urge to do something crazy
is not far from any of our thoughts,
but most signs have an inner censor to handle this kind of madness.
If your grown-up button is malfunctioning,
then by all means go ahead -
but remember, all actions have consequences.

dad's over frustrating mike.

suicidal easter- karma sunday
going over the border and getting the muslims was a bad idea

Hoppy Easter

21 Apr 2019 09:38 am
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 Or as my bestie says "Happy Pagan Spring Fertility Holiday!"

its an all day

20 Apr 2019 11:30 am
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today's ear worm


today's visit-time slip.
dad showed up all dressed up
and ready for church.
told him if he was catholic and we
lived in town he could go every day.
& he'd get to learn more songs.

gus threw up hair all over last night.

it seems warm outside!
i found the missing part of the pooper skooper
it was lost all winter. mike can now scoop in stereo.

lovely steampunk
lovely cat
the glow pendents are good too.

fun in between
get bored make a pea pod
the first set and the 2nd

susan's litter is taking over Dad's house
for insurrection sunday no she didn't spell it that way.

fire crazypast life issues

19 Apr 2019 04:30 pm
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"your daughter came and took my container fo fuel oilI want it back"
no wonder he was surprised when I said
"I took the containers of fuel oil" mom's dead.

I told him you can't see if there's a fire going.
austin saw you pour it on live coals
and so I took the fuel oil.
you had 10 bottle of fuel oil around the wood stove
and I took them. because using fuel oil in a wood stove
ESP. when you can't see the fire, its unsafe.

when I was a kid,
You would not let me doing things that were not safe
I won't let you do thing that are not safe too.
use paper as kindling. you have fire starter sticks

I gave him paper ~later I found some birch-i'll give him that~
its 60 F Its time to open up the house to get it warm.

he's off to susan's to ask for fuel oil.
hope michelle/susan said no.

I missed it- "your daughter"
he saw _mom_ not me. when I opened the door.

that means for sure I cannot stay there over night
I'd wake up to the poor old man trying to go back in to bed
with his wife(me) that just is gross.
I'd hurt him.
pushing him out of bed would be the nicest thing

the stupid shit
its a past life thing-
that's why they ended up back here Bum F*** WI
the first couple here - the first divorce in WI
they lived here and after the divorce he moved out
into the house next door
this time he out lived her.
its a sad cycle.

the clothes are clean
mine are put away
mikes napping

How to end the cycle?
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Finally seeing the end of the awful, hallelujah. It hasn't been that bad in a long while, so I am hoping it is a one off due to my hurting my back. *fingers crossed*

Retail therapy abound.. I ordered another outdoor kitty condo. I wanted something to go where the old cushioned loveseat used to be under the patio.

It'll be here on the 26th. I probably leave off two of the ceiling(?) panel bits (the top panels with the circle cut outs) so the escape openings are larger. I don't want outdoor kitties to feel trapped in any part of it.

It's almost five feet tall. 🤣 Hopefully it provides some comfort for the visiting kitties in the colder days.


18 Apr 2019 11:58 pm
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dog duty
very hard to get
back sleeping

text:John fell in the parking lot at Walmart
at about 12:08 he's ok, up and moving.

~he tripped over his own feet
did not fall back and his head
because he spun from mikes hand.

they came home with an easter basket
from memory cafe

I'm inching along on the last bracelet
made a couple of pea pods.

was wondering at sTressa and Kevin
he showed up at our place
he'd run over and then started down south.

Mike turned off the stove and caught up
with the car.
sThressa had had a febreeze can attack
and being the main drag to the courthouse
she was stopped and he was heading over to not let
them impound the car. It did stink.
distracted driving & no license with her
cops printer didn't work haha.
we have not heard from them since

they have a manic easter egg decorating contest
every year but now with a grand baby
don't think we'll hear from them for it this year.

and i don't know how she managed it
but her "babysitting" trained her kid in such away
Day care called and asked he be picked up
he flunked daycare.?!?!
baaad granny

austin told me, the sister has decided she will live off the money
from her web blog? hope she's not given up her day job.
once chaz turns 18 he's going to move out and live on his trust money
no more child support. mom dying took out the other safety net.
not searchable via google hmmm. fishtian bs.

mikes off at the laundromat
only 3 baskets.
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