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A firefighter holds a water hose while fighting a wildfire Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017, in Santa Rosa, Calif. Image credit: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez.


Editor's Pick: New Fire Danger Threatens to Worsen Most Disastrous Wildfire Season in California History...

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TOKYO (Reuters) - A typhoon roared towards Japan’s main island on election day on Sunday, killing at least two people, prompting a warning for tens of thousands to evacuate and the cancellation of hundreds of flights...

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A polar bear with her cub in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Credit National Geographic Creative


Alaska is “open for business!” With these words, delivered before an appreciative audience of oil producers in Anchorage in May, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke reaffirmed the Trump administration’s determination to open Alaska’s fragile environment to commercial exploitation. Here are the particulars of that assault, at least so far:

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Participants gather during the World Climate Change Conference 2015 (COP21) at Le Bourget, near Paris, France, December 4, 2015.(REUTERS / Stephane Mahe)


Christian leaders from various countries have signed a letter demanding action on the Parish Agreement in 2015 as the next phase of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP23) in Bonn, Germany, draws nearer...

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A firefighter works to defend homes from the approaching wildfire in Sonoma, Calif., on Saturday. (Jim Urquhart/Reuters)


“NOTHING MORE than ash and bones.” That grim description of how some victims were found underscores the horror of the wildfires that swept through and devastated Northern California...

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Sam Asano


I started to write about the Earth and its frequent earthquakes in the last and current century being somewhat related and caused by the “controversial” global warming. In the scientific world, it seems the phenomenon has been recognized as real, and even a global alliance such as Paris Accord had been established to deal with and prevent any further deepening of the trend by attempting to emit carbon dioxide as little as possible...

a good rainy day with sleep

22 Oct 2017 02:06 am
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mike went off
early for a 911 call
sweet little old lady- 92yr
was having problems
turns out it was the iron pills.

got up to be with M when he got home
I fed the cats while we talked.

tried to get my mail
and it would not work at midnight last night
then out connection disapeared
as I was listing to annwood
took him a few reboots before he agreed it was
century link.

I worked on the last long cloth
till I had to go to sleep- thishappend again this after noon
longcloth penta-grannies

dreamed we were we were going somewhere and said
next time that rail ride would be fun.
and poof we were walking on the trails trying to get to one
of the stations cliff climbing was not what I had in mind
when I said I would like to ride that way.

got up and crocheted a bit more
heard the pager downstairs
went down to see what was going on
and take over what he was doing in the kitchen.
there were brownies in the oven!
he went off to do traffic control and put out a telefone pole
and I pulled out the brownies.

I watched a bit of the british baking show
and started up chili-
he was gone along time so I guessed
he went from the electric fire to mom's.
she'd said she could not figure out why she was so tired
he says you aren't moving your body needs to move to be awake.
they got out her book.
He actually did the leg exercises with her.
I was glad the chili was done for when he arrived.

he got to talk with one of the guys,
as they hid from the wind waiting.
turns out he is experiencing the virus mike
has been miserable with. he told him about
our flour tortilla pizza we made last night.
he came home feeling much better.

the transformer got a crack and it arced out
and the wet telephone pole exploded the top
was still hanging held up by some of the wires
both it and the pole were still burning thanks
to the wind, the electric company turned off the power
then they could put out the pole-
the electric company cut off the burnt parts
and installed a new transformer.

went to sleep again
and got up for brownies
grin.Mike did a great thing.

my head seems to be on the edge of a head ache
i'll be sleeping again.

the mirrored milk carton is nicely keeping the folks
preyers to them selves.there is an exhaust valve letting
stuff up and out far away from us. the energy comes up
from the ground to fill it with healing.
the cyster has her own mirrored milk carton- she can fillit
with her own shit but she has an exhaust valve too.
then they can focus on themselves and see what they want.

thinking about going to the minstf halloween party
we'll have money for gas!
maybe tressa and kevin might pee the dogs in the yard?
if they're around.
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WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency has removed dozens of online resources dedicated to helping local governments address climate change, part of an apparent effort by the agency to play down the threat of global warming...

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Large trees toppled in Cork, Ireland, this week after Hurricane Ophelia - recorded as the most northerly hurricane since 1939 – blew through as a violent storm. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty


An off-the-charts hurricane that tracked to Ireland points to climate change pushing ‘tropical oceans’ northward and putting the continent in the firing line...

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Firefighters from Compton put a scratch and wet line around a fire on Lovall Valley Road in Somona, Saturday, Oct 14, 2017. (Kent Porter/The Press Democrat) 2017


Story of the Week...

Firefight in Sonoma County reaches second week as flames force thousands to evacuate...

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One month after Hurricane Maria, experts say poor planning, logistical nightmares and dire financial straits are to blame for the slow response to Puerto Rico's major power outage.By DEBORAH ACOSTA, NATALIE RENEAU and ROBIN STEIN on Publish Date October 20, 2017. Photo by Deborah Acosta/The New York Times.


Javier Hernández Saurí, a lineman who works for the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, is concerned about the lack of crews and materials on the island. Credit Deborah Acosta/The New York Times


CAGUAS, P.R. — Luis Rodríguez looked at the huge concrete power pole in his front yard, resting on his daughter’s Chevrolet and blocking the tow truck he drives to make a living, and wondered: When is help coming?

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Hurricane Irma left a trail of destruction through the Caribbean (Pic: NLRC via IFRC)


UN talks on loss and damage are failing to deliver for vulnerable communities. After a devastating hurricane season, the developed world must step up...

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put the
now clean rug
back in place.

and tried talking
to make about sealing our deck
its the last nice day
think he just saw it as more work.
think he was working up asshole stew,
he's resentful I don't put the clean dishes away
when they _should_ be. yup under line should.
it doesn't hurt they're in the drainer.
he's tired of "cleaning up after me"
never mind i found I was cleaning up
after him yesterday- I didn't make a stink
just put things away. I told him i put things away
after you and didn't yell about it
his immediate answer "I've been sick!"
so today he's _always _ doing xxxx
He doesn't mind at all when I clean up after him.
he'd put stuff away after we did the loom
but he forgot to put the drill away.
so yesterday he was "where did you put the drill!"
luckily it was safe in a case,
I did not rub it in- "but you were putting that away..'

Think mostly he's tired of my folks
I'm getting the fall out.
I"m never doing things in the right order
or using this computer right.
another lets get pissed at faun button.

he's making big buy plans
for the Tons of money from
the Fire department pay at the end of the year.
They always short him.
"you should get something too before its gone." he says.
I'd like him just to not blow thru it like water
and space out his spending spree.
leave it in the bank for a little while.
I'd like the security of money in the bank.

hell i'm wondering when to go to the food bank
we're out of the last of the frozen veggies.
would they have cheese? sigh
and the next $$ is next wednesday.

M would rather just sleep and play on his computer
eat food I give him no cleaning no taking out the dogs.

ya know you're near the end of life when
"what are you going to do if i'm gone
enters the conversation."

I turned around looked down
and found a dead cedar wax wing
sirius loves them to death
but he didn't kill this one don't think
the dogs did no one was out,
poor thing broke his own neck.
beautiful day for a rebirth.
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A line of residents of the rural migrant farm worker town of Immokalee, Florida, waited for emergency donations of food and supplies brought in by a volunteer group from Georgia. Hurricane Irma damaged homes, flooded their community and wiped out jobs they rely on. Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images


Jobs, homes and lives are at risk when extreme weather strikes the communities that grow America's food...

busy day

20 Oct 2017 12:59 am
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asked M to come down
while I started breakfast
and there were no plates
so I started dishes
and went back to making breakfast
when needed adding chopped spinach and chopped tomato
and got the dishes done.
dragged up the back carpet and put it on the front porch
and used the dishwater to wash it
and rinsed it.. hung it on the dogs fence to dry.

mike started fussing with the front door screen
and he found the bottom was torn,
so I said why don't you replace it.
and cleared off the table on the porch
and said your brother's toolbox has the screen tool
so he went looking for it and i got the screen roll.
he started in on it and when he started to be frustrated
was able say that's going well
how'd you learn that
it was in the directions.
directions? hehe they were so good he tossed them.
the tool was great.
I'd done them with out the roller
and it was a hundred times harder.

we got the first one almost done
with him doing most of the work
and I got the other one that needed repair
oh no! Can't do that! yes we can!
and we started, in one way it was harder with added bits
but it went smoother once we figured out
which way to aim the roller.

I now have a bunch of aluminium screen to experiment with
it will be good for holes in pots too.

we brought the trestle and loom over
susan was there-showing her friend around?
it seemed suspicious. why was she there?
think it was an I told you it was this bad tour.
I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and the dining table
where mom did her potting.
emptied the kitchen garbage.

then when Mike tried helping mom walk,
she did poorly think her lack of stretches and
range of motion is showing in her lack of coordination.

I started sweeping off the deck
dad was supposed to do it this spring.
mom was the gardener-maintenence so that's gone.
it was amazing how much dirt there was
and I ended up shoveling and raking.
put the broken things in a bag and gathered
up the moldy rugs to go into the garbage too.
weeded the stairs austin and I made.

the deck will probably need replacing soon
they have plastic menards rugs going across to the door
and the boards have rotted from it- we left the rugs off
hoping they will dry a bit.
the plastic lumber would be better than wood back there.

tomorrow we will put the big pile of needles and stuff
in a wheel barrow behind the lawn tractor
and go put it in the compost.
found out dad had trashed both of their wheel barrows.
the carcasses are probably back by the quansit hut.

we went to walmart for buns and 1/2&1/2
and I looked at the halloween stuff
not much I wanted to buy there.
lost him for a bit and told the person up front
I was there for the husband exchange but
I didn't see anyone I'd like any better
& went back to find him near the fabrics.

the cashiers have been cut back drastically
they have 2 corrals of do it you self check outs now.

mike made juicy lucy's for the first time.yum.


had the binnies all on the cat perch
so snorrie got up and sat in them
he started in on playing and i saved the bunnies instead of taking picture.
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People use a rope line to cross Puerto Rico's San Lorenzo de Morovis river to deliver food and supplies to relatives. Flooding from Hurricane Maria destroyed the bridge. Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images


People in poor communities hit hard by the hurricane are rationing their food, water and propane, and hospitals are trying to operate on shaky power supplies.

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The flooded exterior of the paper mill and proposed incinerator site in Arecibo, Puerto Rico Vann R. Newkirk II / The Atlantic


Hurricane Maria has exposed and intensified the island’s ecological crisis and its human consequences. Can it build a sustainable future?

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Posted by Anna

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden

Growing tomatoes in cool climate is a challenging and fun thing to do. We grow mainly heirloom tomatoes. Every year we try some new varieties and choose from those that have proven to be great for our garden. And there are so many to choose from.

Not all tomatoes are the same. Some ripen faster and tolerate cool weather better than others. Generally, determinate or dwarf tomatoes are earlier and better suited for outdoor growing in cold climate. Caseys heirloom tomatoes catalog has a guide to the best (non-cherry) tomatoes to grow outdoors in Calgary (zone 3a) and also a guide to the best tomatoes to grow in pots. You might find your favourite variety on that list.

Varieties matter, and they matter a lot. It actually might be the most important small thing that determines if you will have success or failure.

Look for and get varieties that are suited for your climate. For us in a cool climate we get early varieties that will set fruit even in cool weather conditions. For our greenhouse we can get some classics, but even in there we do not grow any variety that needs a long growing season. It simply would not work.

Heirloom Tomato Varieties We Grow In a Northern Garden

This is an incomplete list of tomatoes we have grown over the years. Some of these are our favourites that we continue to grow every year, while others, even though good too, we have dropped because we can’t possible grow all of them. Some have never even made the list because we are very picky on varieties we grow.

For a tomato variety to become our favourite it has to perform great. Our growing conditions in cold climate are very challenging, to deal with even more challenges because of the variety is not what we want. Still, some of those that have not made the list of our favourites might become a favourite for you. There are so many great tomatoes to choose from and try.

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden

Bush or Vine Type Tomatoes

Tomato varieties are roughly divided into bush and vine type plants. All indeterminate, semi determinate, and dwarf plants make a bush, and all indeterminate tomatoes are vine. Normally your seed package will tell you what you got.  If in doubt, just google your variety and you can usually find lots of information on what type of tomato it is.

Both bush and vine type tomatoes can have fruit in all sizes. But bush type tomatoes are mostly earlier and easier to grow in a cold climate.

Heirloom Bush Type Tomato Varieties We Grow In a Northern Garden:

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Latah

Latah was a gift seed package from Heritage Harvest Seeds. It was developed at Latah County at the University of Idaho. It often is the earliest tomato in our garden. The fruit is bright red and averages about 2 inches across. The flavour is good (very sweet) and better than many of the super early varieties. Latah will grow to be a vine bush. Some call it determinate  and others indeterminate, with regular leaf foliage. Matures 50 days from transplant. Because of its earliness we keep growing it.


Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Mano

A Hungarian dwarf tomato that will grow only about 40 cm tall. However, if planted in good soil, we have found that it will grow a bit taller and will be loaded with fruit.

Mano heirloom tomato - a favorite!

Very flavorful and early tomato – very sweet with a nice tomato finish.  The globe shaped fruits usually weigh 50-60g. Grows well in containers and even better in the ground. Can be outside the greenhouse. A favourite!

Native Sun

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Native Sun

Native Sun is the earliest yellow determinate tomato. Yum-yum, lots of delicious tomatoes. It’s supposed to be a poor keeper. I could not tell since we eat it so fast, often directly from the vine. Native Sun also looks and tastes great in a salad with dark greens like kale. Even though we like it so much, I often only grow one plant because it is so productive that we do not need more. Native Sun also grows well outside the greenhouse. A favourite!

Early Annie

Tomato Early Annie

Early Annie was a first for us this year and it immediately became a favourite. A short determinate heirloom variety that produce high yields of 4 oz., round, meaty fruits with few seeds. Particularly good for canning. Fruit sets all at once. Early Annie is an exceptional tomato combining earliness, productiveness, and beautiful, medium sized, blemish free orange red fruit. Determinate, regular leaf foliage. Matures within 65-70 days. A favourite!


Tomato Manitoba

This bush type variety was developed for the prairies of Canada. It is a hearty, northern tomato that thrives in cool season. It produces well and early in the season and has a tangy taste that is great for canning and preserving. Matures 6o days from transplant. Manitoba was close to becoming a favourite, but then we tasted Early Annie, a very similar tomato that suits us even better.

Tiny Tim

Tomato Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim Heirloom miniature cherry tomato variety was introduced by the University of New Hampshire in 1945. This small, tidy, determinate plant with deep green leaves typically grows to 20 – 40 cm (8-16″) tall and 17 cm (6 1/2″) in diameter if planted in full sun. Tiny Tim will thrive in less sunlight than other varieties, however fruit yields will be less and growth larger and less tidy.

Determinate (bush type). Matures in 60 days.

Heirloom Vine Type Tomato Varieties We Grow In a Northern Garden

Cuor di Bue or Bull’s Heart

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Cuor di Bue or Bull's Heart

Bull’s Heart is a tomato I grew up with; I was thrilled to find it here. It also is a favourite among Calgary’s elderly Italian immigrant community.  Many grow only one tomato and this is it – Bull’s Heart.  It will produce up to 900 g (2 lbs.) of pink fruit. A great sandwich tomato, and equally as great for making salsa. It is meaty and tasty. And did I mention its huge fruits? 😉

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden

Cuor di Bue or Bull’s Heart surprised us with a 2 lb 4 oz tomato! That is lots of tomato in one fruit, and it was all good and yummy! A favourite!

Anna Russian

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Anna Russian

Anna Russian – I ordered the seeds just because I could not resist the name ;). A wonderful heirloom from Brenda Hillenius of Oregon, whose grandfather had obtained seeds from a Russian immigrant. The heart shaped fruit are pinkish red. The flesh is sweet and juicy. Very high yields and also very early. Indeterminate, regular leaf foliage. Matures 65 days from transplant.

How to Grow Tomatoes Indoors

We grow Anna Russian indoors to have very early tomatoes. A favourite!

Red Brandywine

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Red Brandywine

Red Brandywine is an extremely reliable producer of large – 8-12 oz (225-340 g) – perfect red globe fruit. The taste is deep and rich. It is a beautiful, sturdy indeterminate plant. A favourite!

Matina (aka Tamina)

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Matina (aka Tamina)

This tomato is a German OP commercial variety that has been around for 40 years.  Huge plant, full of tasty little tomatoes. Definitely an early variety! I think in mid July the first ones were ripe in a greenhouse. Certainly worth it to grow. If you are into fermenting tomatoes, this one works very well because of the more firm skin.

JD’s Special

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - JD’s Special C-Tex

JD of Conroe, Texas, stabilized a cross between Brandywine and an unknown black tomato.  A red/black early and tasty tomato. I have been successfully growing this one outside the greenhouse, in a south facing sheltered location.


Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Kimberley

John de Rocque from Kimberley BC crossed Tiny Tim with Siberia and stabilized it to this short, potato leaf plant with smooth tasting red tomatoes. This tomato will produce early and keep going all season long.

Ludmilla’s Red Plum

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Ludmilla’s Red Plum

Ludmilla’s Red Plum comes from a Kazakh family who immigrated to Germany.  The family had been growing out this variety for over 50 years.  It will produce an incredible amount (7 per truss) of smooth tasting fruit that weigh up to 9 oz. (255g).  This tomato is not a paste variety. We have grown it for years, but it still has not become a real favourite.

Maya & Sion’s Airdrie Classic

Heirloom tomato varieties we grow in a northern garden - Maya & Sion’s Airdrie Classic

A cross of a late large pink beefsteak – Brandywine, and an early red- Stupice, this tomato has the best combination of earliness and flavour.  It is named after Caseys heirloom tomatoes’ son and daughter. 170g-400g, red oblate fruits with ribbing are produced on trusses of 4 to 8.

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