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When I was little, the day after Thanksgiving was the beginning of cookie baking season. I was hoping to find various pictures of relatives and recipes they were renown for. Each aunt had a specialty. Grandma’s specialty was Date Nut Bread. Aunt Lucille’s was Russian Teacakes. Since we really didn’t have leftovers from Thanksgiving, other than making broth, I made some Russian Teacakes in honor of Aunt Lucille who has passed on. Currently our attic, where all the pictures are, is an absolute mess. That’s a blog for another day. So pretend Aunt Lucille’s picture is here. Okay, so the little girl with the striped dress on this picture is her but not obviously how I remember her.


Russian Teacakes

Russian Teacakes

Russian Teacakes

Russian Teacakes

Now it turns out that along with recipes, my family DNA has passed down some addional traits. One of these is Celiac’s gene, HLA-DQ. While that means I only have a 30% chance of developing Celiacs, I am watching my gluten intake closely over the next year. Gluten can cause inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut leads to a whole host of problems. In my sister, it caused thyroid issues. In me, allergies. My brother, like my dad cannot drink beer. So although I’m making a few batches of cookies, I will be working toward a detox program. That involves eating greens as half of every meal. Since the garden isn’t producing much right now, it will have to wait until spring. I can’t afford fresh salad at every meal. Nor is the variety available at organic stores right now. Detox involves dumping wheat (and some other starches), sugar, and dairy for a certain time frame. It purges bad gut bacteria. Then I must also do a parasite purge. It involves using cloves to kill off any potential parasites. Mimosa pudica seed can also be used. Parasites can have a two week cycle. Then a heavy metal detox. Certain trace minerals will help with this. I've been exposed to a lot of mercury over the years, from broken flourescents to teeth fillings. With weaving, the lint produced has chemicals especially in cotton (pesticides and herbicides) and its dyestuffs, including cadmium. It will probably be six weeks of this. It’s something I’ve been putting off. After my cousin developed diabetes and then my best friend did too, I’ve come to the conclusion I can’t wait much longer. This is going to cost a bit for supplements. It will cost more if I don’t do it. Your health is one thing to definitely be Thankful for.

Northern Homestead has some info on cookbooks for healthy eating and a great article about what they grow versus buy. https://northernhomestead.com/our-plant-based-pantry/
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