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18 Apr 2019 04:07 am
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it actually rained today
the sump pump didn't work
too hard.

dad's losing his ability to use the fone buttons
the macular he can't see around the degeneration.
he called to say he couldn't use the fone
which he just did to call us.

it sounds like he ate his vitamins
in 3 days mike filled them sunday?
luckily they're not drugs just nutrients
he has advil but he doesn't remember why
he might take it? (pain)

the pine tree; before the last rain
the bottom
the top laying down

my beading table
latest project

today's new stitch

actually talked to 2 friends today
one on the fone the other thru FB messenger
so odd to have them close but so faraway.

Le bon, le mauvais, et le laid

15 Apr 2019 11:40 pm
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This was one of those "it's always something" days. Yeah, it's tax day ... but it wouldn't be, yet, if I still lived in Massachusetts. It's Patriots Day, which means the Boston Marathon ... and the sixth anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing. For a couple of my friends, it's the anniversary of the death of one of their parents.

And then we had the breaking news of the fire at Notre Dame de Paris. Shocking and sad, and not just for the Middle Ages aficionados on my list of Facebook friends. One of the most magnificent touchstones of human civilization, not just for Catholics, but for civilization itself, I would say ... art and architecture and the human spirit. How can it just go up in smoke and flames? During Holy Week, no less?

And yet again ... this morning I read online that a couple of long-distance Facebook friends are expecting their first child this fall. They decided to make the announcement on tax day because they'll have a cute lil' additional deduction next year. I know they have been trying for a while, so I am glad for them.

Life goes on....

more of the dad saga

14 Apr 2019 04:57 pm
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the drive is iced up
they put taking the tank
off by a week.

Dad showed up he couldn't get the fone to work.
he'd come over and we'd been out grocery shopping.
He needed milk. I invited him for pasties
they went for milk while they baked.
he ate the whole thing (he normally eats 1/2)with corn
gave him a banana cupcake he brought it home.
mike gave him a ride,
so he didn't go home in the dark.
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instead I shrugged . fucket

last night it was THUD streak then
I heard a churtle- cat singing with mouth full
in the bedroom, mike got in in there in time.

mikes home and happy sigh
dad duty done for now.

dad's tree's need to be lumbered
tree poppedoff
they are getting dangerous
but he doesn't understand old trees can be a problem
this tree will keep the ambulance away from the back door.

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13 Apr 2019 09:37 am
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Early this week I drove with my PI to WV to visit an emeritus professor in our field who is 96(!!!) years old. Not only is he 96, but he's still sharp and still doing research and getting out and about and holy crap I hope I'm still going strong when (if I get to) 96. He made some notable achievements, including putting together a well-known ID key for our plant pathogen, and agreed to give us not only his entire culture collection for our pathogen (including a ton of species we don't have), but also the original slides he made when making his key for us to digitize. It's a HUGE amount of work and it was surreal to be driving down a mountain with someone's 30-year body of work in the trunk.

It was interesting to get to talk to him. We'd communicated over email before but this was the first time I got to meet him in person. It was a little mind boggling to hear him say things like "Yeah, when I was working back in the 50s..." I can't help but feel like if I was talking with a tree, the conversation would go something like this, with references made to times so beyond when I existed that it takes a moment to wrap my head around I'm talking with someone who was going strong then.

He also had some moments of sheer hilarity. Not five minutes after we arrived at his place he was offering us whiskey and scotch and saying "LET'S DRINK." We ended up spending the rest of the evening chatting about science and the people he's worked with. It was a bit of a rough trip at times (the unfortunate decision was made for us to head back at 4:30PM. We got back LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATE ow I think I'm still recuperating a little), but I'm really glad I went. Opportunities like this don't come around every day.

Placeholder post

12 Apr 2019 11:25 pm
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Just a quick note....

Boy toy returned home on Tuesday after an enjoyable week with his parents. I tried not to get too far off my routine (wake-up time, bedtime, meals, etc.) while he was gone. I found that I don't actually think about eating until I get hungry, and then it's a poor time for starting to cook something that takes an hour or more to prep and bake (or boil or whatever). I think it's a holdover from those days of working downtown, bringing something to nuke in the office microwave for lunch, then being already hungry by the time I returned from my commute. Ah, well, boy toy is back in the kitchen. He truly loves to cook from scratch.

Tomorrow I'm going to Lochmere's spring event (Lochmere is one of the neighboring SCA baronies). No special reason this time around, just to hang with friends. This time around I actually have a few items to sell at "Lochmart," that barony's periodic flea market. Wow, after 15 years I have a few random things that I don't use anymore! To be honest, at the beginning I wanted to acquire "all the things" and in my haste I bought a few things that didn't quite fit or weren't that comfortable to wear. I probably have a few more "oops" things in the fabric stash, due to my taking advantage of some yard sales when I was a newbie, but I have to go through all that fabric to find them.

waiting for the snow

9 Apr 2019 07:43 pm
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the weather
isn't quite here.
its playing with us.

time to move my dragon?

found there were already 2 there
better to not add a 3rd ;)

after we moved up and lived at the cabin
loralei started sending me packages.
this treasure was in one I'd had them lost in a shoe box
gift from lorilei
sadly she when she called it was to say good bye.
she died of cancer not long after.

I'd met her at the Chicago bead society
and I guess I was the only person who tried to talk to her.
She was found of cats and beads.
gave me a cat bed I think she made with a little mattress
when moget was a kitten he still curls up in it to sleep.
Maybe she and mom have been visiting.

mom read the Lovely Bones, and
when I saw parts of the movie recently
the scenes of heaven under the tree
with all the girls coming together -
felt that was her idea of heaven.

found 2 series to obtain-
the invisible Library series
and the Name of the Wind.
(first book in the king killer series)

there was some serious banging
downstairs, moget came running up.
He had a mouse by the tummy
he brought it to mike in bed.
caught him and got the mouse,
gave him the equivilant in ground mouse food
he was happy.

Dad is losing the capabilities to answer the fone
think he needs and old fashioned one with a handle.
don't know where to put it.
he came over instead of answering the fone
his hearing aide was broken
so they went to the clinic and shopping.

it snowed and its gone

the first one in dad's tier

9 Apr 2019 12:34 pm
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woke to ferbie barks
and unsolicited phone call.

the first of the uncles has died
the next generation in dad's family
has cracked- he's had heart failure
and several stroke and done well to live
the past5 years-he was very frail
and My aunt and him came visiting the folks.
it was a slow happy death.

April 9 2019
 Karen Seaholm and Kristin Seaholm Stoltzmann .
My Dad, Karen’s husband,
Jim Seaholm passed last night comfortably in his bed
with his family by his side.
He will be missed so much! What an awesome man!

In December we were blessed with the ability
to buy a house with my parents to help my Mom
take care of my Dad.
What an amazing gift to be able to spend the last months
of a loved ones life with them so close.
We live in Gilbert Arizona . 


time to move the dragon
Each year different elements symbolize different categories of luck.
Did you know that you can harness this luck
by displaying seasonal animal groupings in the proper cardinal direction?

This year, in the SPRING months, the element of WOOD
brings intelligence and creativity.
Place images of the TIGER, RABBIT and DRAGON
in the EAST for your projects or product ideas to succeed.
This luck also benefits students
and those involved in research and development.
It aids communication and helps you make wise decisions.

it also talks about a picture of 9 dragons
and how one must feed those 9 dragons>
wonder how one feeds an empirical dragon.

we have been told we might get snow
it started with a2 foot prediction
now its down to one foot.
the awkward part the guy willing to take the fuel oil tank
finally wants it and we are not going to plow for him.
today would be the best day.

Dad would say no.
but he's addicted to fuel oil.
since he's not had it available,
the house is smelling much better.
sigh much MUCH better.
think part of their problem all these years
was lead poison from fuel oil!
that would diminish reasoning capability.

the tricky part how to get dad away for it to happen?
this one is going to happen. he'll want money
we just don't want to pay for someone to take a
toxic waste hazard.

how do they sleep where this plays all night/winter
I'd be wanting to see it all.

I love this artist

family day

8 Apr 2019 03:38 am
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to have my mind shut off
perchance to dream.

mike's noisy to night
don't know how to tell me
what he's doing to make
such noise.

austin came up
he wanted to learn how to make Mayonaise
he made a batch
and I did one right next to him.
he had a pumping hand wisk
that wasn't quite thin wired enough.
it was almost working
gave him my drink blender
and veroom there it was.

then he went over & cooked a chicken dinner
chicken and boiled potatoes and green beans.
I almost asked if he needed desert
but he said he had everything.
but he did say get bread and milk
so we went out to find some bread brought it over.

He did a really great job.

susan said the flour was old
think the stuff she tried using dated to
when they lived in st. so it was composted
I brought home a bucket that was kept cool
no being able to sleep,
I mixed up some bread dough to try it out.

I put up a light switch cover I found in the office
replacing the one that bites ,
it has a great picture of cats sitting on a fence.

Today was the first thunderstorm of the season
i did not miss gus fear.
pirates of the Caribbean, his thunder shirt
finally when mike turned his country music
he collapsed on his pile of pillow and slept.

we might get 2 feet of snow on thursday
snow reprise ugh!
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oops sorry it didn't think it was blogged
instead I boggled

reminder to not for get sequins for making flowers
for the bracelet fringes.

Pizza dough is made

watched paul & marry masterclass
for baba's and pie

beading research

6 Apr 2019 02:06 pm
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beady beady


[Tutorial] Nsu Yeul

I saw on1 of the blogs this woman took a class
about a guy who taught them to bead toy soldiers,
& he beads everything
embellished variation

love the beadwork by this
Elizaveta Sorensen
"https://www.livemaster.ru/smykkeunivers"-chrome will translate
this beader-peyote base?and fringe
variation with square stitch

tighter fringe on square stitch base

variation net of 2 and 1 square stitch
for a base

back to elsevita
variation small base image.png"
single strand base

the beaded spheres by elsiveta
"https://www.livemaster.ru/item/30794371-ukrasheniya-tsvetochnye-busy-krokusy" beaded beads(sewn)
I've made a variation but no the same

then I found this just before I went to sleep
silks and beads and wire

laundry addendum

6 Apr 2019 10:51 am
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Why, in the everliving name of the mighty Saint Gobnait, do I own so many 'dry clean only' items? There's not a cleaner in this town, why would I do this to myself, why.

Hopefully it all survives handwash. (I think one of them's a half-wool skirt with metallic accents? I freaking love that skirt and it's a fantastic maroon-magenta with pinstripes. Pretty sure it'll survive, I think I washed it in the sink once at Hinds. With Dr Bronner's and if it survived Dr Bronner's in a forty year old sink, it should survive wool-appropriate soap in a handwash cycle.)

why so productive?

6 Apr 2019 09:54 am
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When you realize that you're way more productive when Brent's off doing stuff in another state than when he's at home.

So much laundry.

So much embroidery.

So much hand wash. (It's going in the machine in a pillowcase, but still. Mostly cardigans with edgings that don't do well with serious agitation.)

I am thoroughly enjoying the BBC Radio dramas of Agatha Christie's not-Poirot and not-Marple mysteries. It makes it much easier to work. I know how most of them end, but it's still enjoyable. Brent doesn't know how they end.

Why is it that it appears that I've done so little but the list is so long of what I've done? Get a grip, brain, get with the system.

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