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19 Feb 2019 12:03 pm
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mike's hooked
on ruby's pantry

sTressa needs to go too
so I'm letting him bring her

I so not need to be in the car
with an over amped woman who smokes.
she won't be able to not smoke in our car.
Kevin is home sick-so she could drive
but they've arranged this
and she needs to borrow the transport fee, money.
think they need gas and that's why he stayed home
presidents day meant no pay check for him.

all carbs and no fat no sugar ice cream
then 2heavy cream?
well 1 cup 2%+ 2T heavy cream= whole milk.
so I'm keeping one to blend.

6 half pounds of sliced turkey
3 boxes of jalapeno cheese- no peppers for me
a huge box of frozen potato chunks
no vegetables none & no fruit?
think we need to try a different pantry.
and a bucket of hard boiled eggs?
and 6 loaves of bread.
splits up much of it and brought it to lily.
our freezer is full
with in seconds of leaving dad called.
he want to use the dishwasher
it has 5x's the capacity of the old one,
its been 2 days its not full.
it would take a week to fill the old one.
I do not want to call him back.

last night's moon
over the old town hall

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yup I'm very alive

no storm yet
last one didn't make it up here ;)

sleep and more sleep

17 Feb 2019 10:51 pm
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wood game
had me done in

its my hips
that sign the loudest now
the left elbow has finally

last night I coughed and hiccuped
vagus nerve not happy ?
the next 50 years is going to be a ball
at this rate.

he was lucid before church
remembers he fell but not why.
but he didn't eat breakfast_
and mike didn't ask you eat yet?
dad's only eating one meal a day now.
its not like he cannot afford food.
not going to ask him how he's feeling
he's going to not ever be untired now.

finally say the latest star wars IX
carrie fisher's last..
why did they have the writer of games of thrones
do the script?
its ok to retire with out killing the person off.
I don't think i've missed alot not seeing the trilogy prequil

I will try to sleep again
I'm tired of hurting.

LJ says my cookies are gone
but its working else where.
and i'm supposed to add another chrome addy
so i can't write on LJ .
maybe it will be better tomorrow

one more big thing

16 Feb 2019 05:36 pm
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I'd been smelling poo
turns out ferbie
managed to sit
and get it embedded in his fur.
mike held him while I tried cutting it out
but it was way to much of a mess,
so we all had a bath party.

the hose really helped
after the back end was cleared
I did the rest of his fur.
got him dry then gave him a rump cut
now I know for sure why poodle cuts
were created. mike was funny
oh look I can see his butt!
got it done before we finally called the guy
to see where his schedule was,
we had and 1.5 hours.

finally the fellow came, mike drove his car
to show him how to get up dad's drive.
Happily it had no trouble getting
up the steep hill

mike had texted susan and michelle
to let them know we had wood coming
the guy dumped it right where we park
at the top of the stairs.
I was thinking we put it in a wheel barrel
instead we filled plastic bins then slid
them down the stairs. where we stacked it.
I'm thankful the deck was rebuilt
the wood would have fallen thru the old.
it was good to have help it got done
in hours instead of days. got warm enough
to put my coat & hat inside and continue
in my spots.(long sleeve shirt)
the sister and kid were heavy coated ;)

the back of the house

mike went and bought a tarp
for the pile on the right.
he could not find the other tarps
and dad can't find the key to the quansit hut
where a huge box of old tarps are.

asked dad to split his wood up on the deck
it will split easier in the cold.
then he won't knock down the books et al.
did not say ~axes indoors is stupid.

Dad said he didn't eat breakfast
and he wasn't hungry in the morning today
that's not good for your body dad
what are going to do for supper
you don't want to be tired.

gave susan some card blanks
and michelle a pompom maker.
she wanted acrylic yarn for her mother in-law
so I gave her 3 small bins full.
way more than she expected ;)

my shoulders did not get the same
work out as raking-
my shoulders were feeling better.
my hands , hips and back
have their new chorus 😊.
mike crashed-I'm ready to join him
but I want to stay up and just go to sleep at 10.
why you don't start a fire
at a cemetery. and not put it out in PA coal land.
The documentary about Centralia, "The town that was"

there is a fire under the old dump that
flares up on the other side of the rod and gun club.

next dad thing- church and food shopping

This is so unfair

16 Feb 2019 08:03 am
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I've managed to hurt my lower back. I think it's muscular and will probably go away in a few days but in the meantime it's pain reliever and rice heat packs and hobbling about for me. And how did I manage to do this, you ask? Not by epic gardening or doing something awesome and cool or even trying to pick up an overloaded bag of groceries (did that about a month ago).

No, I did it by bending over to pick up a single. Solitary. Lima bean.

I mean, I DUNNO, I didn't get a copy of the "How to Human" handbook, but I'm pretty sure picking up a lima bean shouldn't cause your back to go SPANG. Not cool, body. Not cool.

climb a little slide back

16 Feb 2019 05:20 am
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burned pizza
should have gone down when it smelled good
didn't here the microwave timer
got down just as the over thermometer was going
too late.

ripped it up and ate some anyways
it would have been good
pizza the way mom made it.

did it while mike and Kevin went over
and finished putting in the dishwasher
it was all about the stupid clips.
but it was running when mike left ;)
think it it has room enough for
almost all of dad's dishes at once.

wood comes saturday.
he didn't call last night
like he was supposed to
so he probably doesn't
know when he's coming today.

went to wally world with M.
looked at the slotted boxes in crafts
went over to the fishing section
and got the same thing for a dollar less.
the pink tax.

squirted the perfume "Diesel"
it did not smell like fuel at all .

so I played with beads again
i'm amazed mom and I did not duplicated
any of the hank beads.
I avoid pearlized beads because they fade.
she had a lot of 8's- and 10's

one of my favorite is the gold lined beads
with white or opal or red glass-
I must have used the tube of red
i now have several variations of white with gold and silver
its a softer version than the shiny czech or chinese beads.
there are tons of those too. but in bigger 3" bags.

might have to switch from fiber mage to beadaholic
they smell better than polymer

love the head dresses..the beads pompom/wool beds

maybe the hungries would be less of a pest
at 4pm-nono food till after 5!
if i didn't feed them 5:30am breakfast
but sirius was the one who started it.

my skin goes from feeling sliced with glass
to raw- ironicly raw feels better?
my muscles still ache was dreaming about
restacking wood(part of why I'm up ,
I needed a rest.
back to sleep
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Last weekend I was just SO happy for my friend Baroness Janina's elevation to the Order of the Laurel!! She looked relaxed and radiant. I presented her with a napkin on which I had embroidered a green laurel wreath. I didn't do the greatest job, but she said I did very well. To be honest, I wanted her to have *something* with a laurel wreath on it, in case her husband's health prevents them from going to Pennsic for the first time in, I dunno, maybe four decades.

Baron Rorik himself looked surprisingly good, considering all that he's been through (eight broken ribs, a heart stent, and lots of liver tests). I got to meet their son Andrew's new wife and her daughter, who is about 10 years old and is already like an instant granddaughter to Janina and Rorik.

Of course, Janina's and Rorik's household, Clan Cambion, was out in full force. There are SO many Laurels already in that household that, when it came time in Royal Court for a Laurel to speak on Janina's behalf, they all jumped up and played an amusing bit of court schtick: Andrew, wearing a marshal's tabard, stepped forward and said the honor would be decided with a shoot. So he had all these sexagenarian Laurels doing "rock, paper, scissors" against each other for the honor. :-)

Several other friends and acquaintances of mine received awards at this event (Bright Hills Baronial Birthday and Investiture). BUT! It was SO crowded in that hall. Bright Hills rents that VFD hall every February, and usually the event attracts 100-150 people. Last Saturday's attendance was 282!! (The Royal Presence, plus a baronial investiture, will attract a larger crowd.) I put my belongings on a shelf in the foyer, above the coat rack, because there was simply no place to stash my stuff in the main room.

The evening feast sold out earlier than I had expected, so I decided to ride up to the event with Sonya/Patches, who doesn't often eat SCA feasts because of her dietary restrictions. However, in celebration of Janina's Laurel, the members of Clan Cambion cooked huge piles of food for their own below-the-salt feast and invited the two of us to join them. There were enough vegetarian and gluten-free dishes to allow Patches to have something to eat as well.

In other news ... things are actually going well in other areas of my life. I actually have had a couple of potential clients approach me about additional writing jobs. I had an interview with one this past week and will probably have one with the other one soon. I am really, really hoping these come through, because I would love to diversify my income stream, so to speak. Plus, I need MORE money in general.

I don't often hear from Tall Dancer anymore, but he phoned me again around dinnertime as he was driving up to see his gaming friends in Kentucky. First time in at least a month, I think. He said he had lots of interesting news about his life, but it would have to wait until he drives back to Georgia on Monday, as he was just pulling up to his friends' house. Nothing like keeping me in suspense....
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mike went to a class
to learn about fire inspections
basically learning what he's not
been doing right.

got home and put his coffee in the microwave
with foam on it and started it on fire.
dropped the microwave .
it spent the night on the porch
brought it into warm up

then we'll find out if its toasted ;) .

this time the light is not the fuse
the light doesn't work
but the microwave part is fine
the clock is programmable

the microwave is even cleaner .
still stinks alittle- baking soda in a cup will help.

one of the thing we learned as janitors
was how to clean them fast.
we made our people really happy.
just a glass of water
and 2 minutes and paper towels.

he found someone to deliver firewood
tomorrow I suggested we need to get
the Dishwasher finished -because
after moving and stacking a cord of wood
he won't want to do it-
he was an ass about it.

now the microwave isn't dead
he's gathering tools to work at dad's

he really does not like our full time job
but grouching at me is better than at dad?
But I am getting tired of him being as asshat.

slowly moving

14 Feb 2019 09:45 am
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was at a temple
wedding the flower girls carried
large tropical flower that were air plants ,
after the ceremony they brought them back
and they were put back in their
hanging baskets " this one is a pitcher plant"
she said as she put it back among several.
it looked like one of these person's worlds

all my uncles are my favorite uncle
none is more or less they are all favorites
married or born I have 8 favorite uncles
even the one who died too soon.
same with the aunts.
each is my favorite aunt.

waking my body is down to a dull roar
made sure i moved everything
before trying to get up.

gus sang, "his happy birthday howl with me"
and that got mike up laughing.
we both started the day with airbone-
they guy had some bronchial guest with him
and pain meds.i actually could brush my hair
not possible last night and it needed it.
its put up with combs to discourage tangle fairy nesting.

its sunny and up to freezing on the porch :B^)
the porch should clear off on its own soon

da hus

raking below "why do you want to shovel the yard?"
pole and my tracks

I"m not up to raking more
but i need to toss ash(sorry) on the roof
hahaha oy really sorry
there's a curtain of ice on the armpit over the 2 intersection.
I could not get the camera to let me see to picture it.
wish the ladder was there to make it easier_
I so do not want to carry said ladder.

the guy had this marvelous telescoping ladder
so nice and compact and sturdy!

the responsible older sister wonders
wonder how much snow Dad's big flat house can take?
we've shoveled it off for them before-
only 2 storms and 2 feet?oy
I am NOT going up there again.
poke the brother?
~remembering why we wanted them in assisted living.

Pbs fun how'd they live on such a tiny place?
episode 403 foraging and farming and cattle
where part of my family are from.
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last night
went down for the last dog out
and looked at the dish collection
not wanting to see them in the morning
I sucked up and started cleaning.
thought it would be good to have the
kitchen clean for the audit.
straightened more of the studio
mixed up cookies put them in the fridge.

woke up for an odd reason
the audit people start at 7AM
hate when morning people
think night people expect us to be morning people.

getting an energy audit is fun!

the wescap fellow is asking about putting in a propane water heater.
I'm hesitant to switch because then if we run out of propane (faster)
it means we'd not have hot water. and the pipes might freeze?
I'd really prefer demand water heaters for the baths/kitchen?
it might be a moot point about them doing it?

because they won't do anything in the basement
with out any stairs. _I do have a design for putting in stairs
but Mikes fought me about design-
he's already decided nothing i say will be right.
- sigh old age asshole sticks in-

Found out dad should have helped us
create a couple of cold air returns
to make the furnace run more efficiently -
the open 1/2 door to the basement
isn't good enough. doy.
may be can do it with flexible furnace piping?

my plastering needs to be done better
its all cracking - I'd been planning on redoing it
because its cracking.
it was amazing to see it via the infrared camera.
I need the 3m window kits again
the new windows were supposed to be good enough?

there are 2 outside walls with original lead paint
best i can do it seal it -
they'd have to do a hazmat situation insulating
the walls we'd not replaced the siding on
one wall left contaminates the whole house.
Sirius came down and whined at him
boy he talks alot. he wanted food and to go out.

I have enough poles to get the roof rake up on the
its sunny if I do it the roof will clear.

he said to run a heat rope along the bottom
of the sewage pipe then wrap insulation around it to help
prevent freezing sewage line.
we do have a pipeheater cable

The guy says we have ice dams
I've been not shoveling the roof yet.

mike didn't think it important to dig out the entrance
to the shed -so before i could do the raking
I had to dig my way into the shed.

found my roof rake
and the extensions-the new rake is a joke
great if you are standing on the roof
not on the ground-but the extensions that came with it
match the old one so I don't have to get on a ladder to reach
the roof on the 2nd floor.

did the west and north side of the old house
and part of the addition north side.
i'd gotten snow in my booths so I came in
mike had locked the front door so i had to pound
to get in - he thinks raking the roof stupid
so he was not going to help(again)
but he had to talk with dad on the phone.

so after washing my feet in the shower
my feet callouses came off easy on wet feet-
the water had problems, flushed to see if it would help
the guy had used the toilet? he'd almost plugged it?
but it did finally all go down. sigh.
glad I know what to do with the sewages pipe.

mike won't help with roof.
I switched coats, put on his boots and found my mittens.
and went back out and finished off the back of the addition
then went to the south half- and started on the porch roof
then the (armpit) addition roof was getting tired
and had a hard time adding an extension so i didn't do most of it
then went back and did the top edge of the top south floor
I actually got some of the actual dam off-
then raked off the porch again.

got in and put the boots in the one warm room
the bath room- took pain meds and ate crackers
lay down to rest my back-i was so cold
I went to sleep, woke up to a fone call?
now its my arm pits and hips yelling the loudest
froze my ankles-snow in boots they do look thiner
in places wonder if i did what the tv shows as a spa treatement
it made spider veins visible.?
had to poke snow out of the pipes,
my hands hurt the snow/ice didn't help them any.

if tomorrow is nice I can go up and scoot off the addition
with a shovel then use the rake on the upper floor with
only 3 extensions.
but it looks like we have to work on finishing the DW
instead I'd rather just on my back for a day or so.

I will sleep soon but its too soon for more meds.

when the guy did his thing Mike tried to being the dogs
for a ride & the car was dead.
instead he walked the dogs to go check dad's mail
he messed with it the linkage is messed up.
and he got it to start.

mike did make supper
the brother and his wife in Florida called,
their new dog Bella talked to me.
I sang her a bella song.

I need to keep moving
but oh I ache even my face?
thinking should not hurt

another snow day

12 Feb 2019 01:00 pm
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a little bit of snow
at a time please?

woke up my hands fisted
was running away from some cult
don't let the ones with the butterflies
On their Neck Catch you!
Grab the butterflyPull it off and break it.
then They won't follow you
But there's a lot of them so it's better to just run.

It was not just me running
it was a bunch of us trying to going all directions
So I must've woke up and running my hands fisted.

It's still snowingThe road was gone
.Mike did manage to get dads mail,
Think that means the Usual guy is back from vacation.

Dad asked me where is fuel oil containers were.
I took them, You watch me do it.
Read more... )

I told him (his) god takes care of fools,
He need to quit being foolish
& let God take care of someone else.

Can't say mom when let you do this.
Because mom let him do whatever he wanted.
Think he giveaway half of their income.
He had no clueWhat he was doing,
Mom didBut she wasn't willing to fight with it.

Mike says he'll forget
My poor little Fuel oil junkie.
And he's gone through his cord of firewood already
he'll have to Buy more. the supplier we had in mind
has sold everything.

I did get All of the stuff put back
And cleaned up the kitchen.
The clothes washer worked really well.
But Mike's too proud to want to use it.

I Found mom's threads– Stash.
Now I have four colors of sillamide thread.
She had basket started
But I don't know how it supposed to turnout
And the really ugly bracelet,
Luckily I found a little sample with flowers on it
it looks much better with flowers.

Wes-cap Is supposed to come and do an energy audit here
Maybe they can help us learn how to keep it warm in here.

the schools are closed again
mike made it into the yard but slid off the plowed part
at least he's off the road.
mike make it home

its a little deeper
the latest count

mike talked to dad he got up
ate breakfast
and went back to bed

tonight he called asked about his fuel oil
build the fire the way you taught me john
tons of paper with everything on top
we never used fuel oil

I didn't say you told me using somthing like gass
or fuel oil is for sissies.
but mike refused to go over and start his wood stove
rebuild the fire you can do it.

tom called- are you stuck?he was kind and didn't laugh.
I'm here I'll plow you out
did dad's too-
we'll gonna need to get the ambulance up there
mike gave him money plowing for the last few times
"this is enough" he said 'I'll do it the rest of the year'
which is really cool
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wakeup call
was dad
he'd fallen in the shower.
mike went roaring over

wrote austin quick email
then when mike came back
sent him a text saying dad was ok
and now mike was off to a 911 call
snowmobile verses tree.

austin saw dad was hurt
and raced up here to the ER
austin called looking for us.

you want help with the dishwasher
mike said ok.
I'll be there in 20 minutes!

mike went off and did a quick shower
then went over and found them fighting
to get the old one out.
they went on the first trip to menards,
I the spent time looking for the mop
so i could wash up.
it was full of mouse crap under there!
the kitchen is pretty torn up.

dad got up wandered around dragging crap
all over grabbed a cookie
I asked him how he was doing
and he didn't remember he fell.

and he went back to bed.
I got paper towel for the kitchen
and he told me he need it i the bathroom?
are you flushing this! almost said no.
no wonder he plugs the damn thing.

just before they came back
I went in and told him he needed to get up
get dressed and put in his hearing aides
because austin is coming back!
raise and shine daylight in the snow bank!
when i told him "please " he could not hear
the p and l so i spelled it Pleese
and he corrected me- get up dad!!
I went back to cleaning up mouse turds.
he finally had his hearing aids in!
I borrowed his coat and shoveled the deck
and ashed for austin and mike

Then I started in mom's study
dug thru stuff looking for beads
sent out 3 boxes with mike and austin to our car
then started sorting magazines and books.
there are so many about knitting !
kind of sorted & labeled 4 shelves.
there's a stack 4 feet high 2 wide.
found pictures mom took of dad's mess
from 2013- before he came home from rehab.
he's had problems along time.

filled one box with health krap and old catalogs
it will be recycled
found just a small batch of beading magazines.
only one by Horace Goodhue is a duplicate
I'm lucky she like knitting better? brought them home
and refilled the box with books from my stash
to bring back. ;)

Halfway through I said, Why don't you look in the dishwasher and see if this directions on how to do this, They've found the hose they needed.
they spent 7 hours with 2 trips to menards
and its almost done.
we go back to morrow to finish the last joint
then put stuff away. think we'll bring a load of laundry.
I need long sleeve shirts .

these wafers/crackers made of soaked spelt look delicious

called austin later
when he sent an email, letting me know he was home.
I apologize profusely, He is taken it all in stride.
we've agreed to complete sentences
defining all nouns- if there's a problem
you get a fone call.
Mike was hurting all over ,
His legs and back hurt.,
And i my back out Shoveling
But We had fun.

Time to put the dog outAnd go to bed.
Good night world Sweet dreams snow
See you all in in the Morning.

its beggining?

10 Feb 2019 09:38 am
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dreamed mom
was in bed with me?
then i went to a convention

dad fell i the shower
got up and into bed
and called between gasps

mike thinks he's hurt something
he's headed over
i had ear plugs in didn't wake up till
end of "I'm coming over"
he doesn't want me to see him naked

think hot water and big drop in blood pressure
strikes again

its snowing

no church to day?he's going to sleep instead.

mikes finally noticed we get 5 calls to one from dad
on the house fone.

mikes back
dad's ok he was bending over
when he fell- so he was most of the way down.
mostly he scared himself.
he's going to take a nap.

the back stairs are sliding
down to the porch
(we will need to redo them)

i've been feeling the floor grumble
the front door doesn't like to open
(My house has shifted)again

mike's been called to 911
passer by saw a snowmobile run into a tree.
it'll be fun!
the dancing trees are back.
luckily the guy fell off(not hurt)
before it rolled down hill
to be stopped by trees.
they already had it up
on a pick-up to bring home.


10 Feb 2019 04:04 am
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woke up 3am
to the smell of fuel oil?

we don't have fuel oil
mike sounds congested
so asking him to wake and sniff is out
of the question.

my neck is out again
think i need a new pillow

managed to get around the dog
with out waking(stepping on) him
mike keeps letting him in the bed room
that's when I want my own room.

finally was able to finish this-
it had been missed dark green crystals
bicone flower bracelet
it was done with 2 needles
this style made it harder to keep bother threads taught.
went fast when i went with the usual one thread loopy loops

got a picture of this one finished
ndbele stitch bracelet

I think i'm hungry?
think that's anxiety
need to figure out a good snack

I should try to sleep again
maybe crackers first

back into the feezer

8 Feb 2019 03:19 pm
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the cold is back
3 plowings
its adding up.

mike had gotten 10 people
they were supposed to help pack
i didn't know any of them
and there were no boxes
we were supposed to be moved in an hour?

saw people put stuff in pockets
and boxes went out?
nothing was supposed to leave
got upstairs and found a bunch of kids partying

I started chasing out the kids
then telling people to write their names
on the paper with the time they leave and their fone number
and told them to put things down
the one who refused -to empty pockets and leave
woke up yelling at them
and my jaw was out and i had a headache.
:( luckily mike had coffee made.

last time I dreamed some one
took a front loader and shoveled out stuff
out of the side of the apartment
we chose to move
from out place we were living the next day.
and were out by the end of the month 3 days later?
ironically I don't remember where we went..
cedar we must have moved to Cedar av.

mikes off on emergency call#2
wish they'd choose good weather to hit panic.

not gonna answer the fone if dad calls
he wants to talk to mike not me.

"http://www.dose.ca/2014/05/14/redditor-writes-moving-ending-calvin-and-hobbes-documenting-final-minutes-calvins-life? "
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