13 Aug 2017

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Home from Pennsic safe and sound. The van still needs work. Pennsic was adequate but not enough sales to fix the van. The monthly bills were met, mostly, but the hospital bill is not. The upstairs bathroom is broken. I need glasses and dental work. More work is needed on the house and the other car. Working two jobs later this week with hope that this burden will be shorter. Somehow $50 still doesn't equal $5,000 no matter how I wish. Disparity reigns. Still, during Pennsic takedown, many people found they had food stuffs that wouldn't survive the trip home. I was given so many things, potatoes, apples, sweet potatoes, onions, cheese, lemons, and oranges. So I am thinking preservation for winter. Apple butter could happen. Probably also pie.

Welcome to the Jungle

The garden needs a lot of attention. Paths are overgrown. Potatoes look good, squash, tomatoes, skirret as well. Some newer sections have a very wet clay base a few inches down and a dry, hot top. Those areas are dead. I will be doing a raised bed with a cold frame top for winter over the top of these areas. The compost pile is in good shape. It will provide the dirt for the raised bed. I still need to address the oregano-dwelling wasps. Add that to the ToDo list. I think sun-dried tomatoes could also happen later this week. I am pouring over canning books looking at how much I need. With sun today, I am baking beans in the solar oven. Lots of domesticity.

Front Yard after Pennsic

New seed for winter gardening with thanks to my patrons at Pennsic and online:
Planning a Winter Garden

It is good to be home. Thank you all for your patronage!


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