12 May 2017 06:16 pm
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I'd love to tell you how wonderful my life is. I'd love to show you magazine quality photos to make you wish you were me. I can't manage that. That'd be too big of a whopper for even the most accomplished liar. I'd like it if you visited my webpage or even I should have even more stuff out later today. And as always, if you saw it at a show but don't see it on the webpage, give me a hollar.

The old webpage is being taken down. The email is changing too. You can give me that hollar at Hopefully I will get the hang of Google's menu soon. The business is being streamlined, cutting back outdated services and adjusting for our older equipment. The phone number is a landline which will be going away as well as the UrsulasAlcove web domain.

Today was a day of applications and disappointments. Verizon does not serve our area with FIOS nor will their HSI work without the additional landline cost. Comcast is still giving our equipment fits. So we are searching for an affordable service provider, not that I don't enjoy the public library, but it is a bit of a walk. Other disappointments include no financial help with medications, a grid-locked state government that may delay any property-tax rebates until they pass a state budget, and not enough sales to pay the bills. No actual productive business time was achieved in what seems like weeks. All-in-all a bit of a bummer. Add in a cold overcast day and it is a perfect recipe for depression. I keep thinking of Willow.

Madmartigan: [He and Willow have entered a fortress empty, save for petrified beings] Why did I *listen* to you, Peck? "Everything will be all right once we get to Tir Asleen". Well, the only army around here is the one that will ride across this valley and wipe us out!
Willow: But Cherlindrea said we'd be safe here!
Madmartigan: Safe? Look at these people! This place is cursed, Peck. It's falling apart. Open your eyes. And it...
[Steps in a pile of troll dung]
Madmartigan: Troll dung!

Here's hoping for better days! Let's take on Bavmorda tomorrow. It'll be fun.


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