25 Mar 2018

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There are no clouds at all in the sky. The weather remains cool. Lows around 20° F and highs in the 40s. The indoor plant nursery has not yet reached maximum capacity. Three different stands with nine, four and five trays maximum, 18 is my upper limit without buying more lighting. So far, there are 41 pots of onions. I still have a few more pots to trantsplant. I found a row of American Flag leeks (MI Gardener) that are doing well. The King Richard Leeks (Botanical Interests) didn't do well. We'll see which we like better. Last year, we had Tardonna Leeks from High Mowing Seeds. They didn't give us a huge quantity but I now understand more about planting alliums. Those were tasty. Once the leeks are transplanted, the rest of the onions and the lettuce plugs, we'll be close to maximum. I have three more bags stratifying in the fridge to plant. Those can wait until next month. By then, the collards and kale can go outside under cover, leaving me more space on the racks.

The tomato experiment continues. The 2015 seed germinated well but is a bit leggy. The 2016 seed also germinated. The 2017 seed, not as well. I have more that I will put into the same container. I placed reflective mylar sheet behind them to give them more light.

Low Tunnel or Catepillar Tunnel

Outside, my straw bales are doing their job well. Looks like fresh leafy salad will be harvestable soon. I planted Miner's Lettuce (Claytonia) and Mache (Corn Salad). The spinach is also looking good. I started sprouts inside so when those are ready, fresh salads will be had. I'm so hungry. I dreamt about fresh grown tomatoes last night, followed by cookie platters. It was an open house, with a different veg growing in each room of an old Victorian home. The cookies were last on the upper floor. Anyway, I have to remember to vent covers daily now on the outside beds. I have one catepillar tunnel and the hay bale garden. There is a carrot bed that didn't reach maturity last fall, but it just has an Agribon grow cover. It's more like cloth. I don't think it needs venting yet.

Early Spring Straw Bale Garden

I remember planting peas outside but they have yet to sprout. Of course, I didn't write down where I planted. Doh!

I trimmed a bit off the mulberry yesterday. It's not the correct time to do so, sap is flowing. But the cut was started last year. This allows me to work on my wattle trellis. I replaced posts with taller ones and started weaving new wattle from the mulberry. Mulberry stays green a very long time, nice and flexible. Since I don't have willow, its a good substitute. Rewatching the Tudor Monastery Farm (YouTube) is a good inspiration.

Wattle Trellis

I am thinking about crop rotation so I don't have the same things in the same places. It's easier to open up a new bed each year to make that happen. Like the potatoes will get moved to the bookcase garden. I still have to look into soil testing for lead. The goal is still to maximize growing on the land I have without spending much money.

Early Spring Bookcase Garden

This year I need to spend money on infrastructure, like pipe trellises. Stacking function, they become a portable fence, blocking deer. The rebar can double as a low tunnel support to extend the season. So I'll be buying pipe, rebar, zip ties, and chicken wire to make them. Tree trimming without proper tools will be my bane this year. No money for that. I was lamenting the fact that we have no tool library like Columbus does. I need a chainsaw or sawzall and a chipper-shredder. Instead, I will wear myself out manually sawing each branch by hand. Maybe someday.

Still cold in the shade


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