23 May 2018

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Still at it, pulling weeds in the front yard, mostly coltsfoot and creeping charlie. One more section complete. I moved a coneflower to a better location. A second zucchini went in the same area. Hopefully the well drained, loose soil will be good for it. And it looks like the bee balm (Monarda) recovered. The poor gardener who grew it accidentally ran it over with his truck when loading it for the plant sale. He gave it to me for free. So we got 2 monarda into the ground this week. The rest of the overstressed plants from the plant sale are in the ground. With all the rain, they stand a good chance of recovery.

Deer prevention system

Each day is a challenge. What can be done before the next thunderstorm? My weed pile is getting hot as it decomposes. The large red tomato seedlings looked big enough to transplant. I started to populate middle earth. Six happy tomatoes today along with three blue hyssop and celery moved to middle earth. They went in next to two potatoes that I missed when digging last year. I put in some sticks and part of an old wooden chair to keep the deer from stepping on them. More celery and hyssop got transplanted into the herb spiral. More onions found corners here and there around the garden. More collards went in too. Four walnut trees got pulled, darn those squirrels! Butternut went in where the peach tree had been. I had three holes where no cucumbers came up so I replanted. Alyssum went in too but it may be too late. It looked like it was going to seed.

Middle earth has new residents

Cinderblock potatoes got hilled with coffee grounds. Lettuce and lamb's quarters were harvested.

Cinder Block Garden - building a trellis for watermelons

To do yet:
Weed in back
Plant pumpkins
Find homes for more onions, kale, and collards
See if there is room for potatoes below the kuiper belt
Start the three sisters garden

New potato patch and zucchini

Meanwhile, the van is done. Need to pick it up tomorrow and start loading for Great Lakes Fiber. The new yarn all got skeined and tagged. More displays need to be finished. Zephyr needs labels and heather will be pulled from the etsy shop for the show. Books and magazines need to go into totes too. So much to do!

Front yard garden, the beginning


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