8 Jun 2018

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The last storm took out part of the mulberry tree. I've been slowly chopping it for mulch and tomato stakes. I really could use a chainsaw. The long slender branches have been removed. It's the big thick trunk that is still hanging in the tree that needs to come down. The mulberries are ripening. The wren scolds me continually. I will pick what I can. The blackberries will follow the mulberry harvest. Chrono has been picking strawberries, what little there are. We talked with other gardeners. Deer eating whole plants has been a problem for them as well. Next year all strawberries will either be covered or planted with dill. It seems to help. Right now, some are succombing to flea beetles or some sort of bug making the leaves look like swiss cheese.

We harvested rose petals this week. Sage has been picked and dried. Currently oregano is on the dry racks. I have one rack reserved for my lemon verbena, since it is a very small plant yet. Next up will be raspberry leaves for winter tea. Probably lemon balm as well. I put the mint leaves to soak in vodka. Think I'll make a cordial. Lavender should also be harvested. The weather has affected a lot this year. We had three nights this week where temperatures dipped into the mid forties. All the potted plants got brought inside. The weather also gave me a migraine. I don't usually get those kind of headaches. So I lost a few days of work this week. The cold weather is also delaying my camomile and basil starts.

Highly recommended books

I ordered the Home Grown Food Pantry from the co-op. Since I had it checked out from the library for over a month, it was time to buy a copy. I randomly picked up Gifts from the Garden by Robertson at the library. I didn't care for the pictures but the content is really good. I might have to order this one as well.

Corn garden-nothing yet
No corn yet

I won't be harvesting Goumi's. The birds got them all. Rather than making kale chips, I decided to make quiche with the greens from the garden. I have so much work to do. Random volunteer tomatoes are making it into a new straw bale section. I also got the rest of the greens into the ground as well as a few more onions. Majoram got planted in a few different spots in hopes that it will take. I threw Long Island cheese pumpkin seed into the corn patch just in case the corn seed doesn't germinate. LICP seed was from 2015 so it may also not have a great germination rate.

Straw bale
Brand new straw garden for tomatoes

Everything needs to be skeined and dyed. Coreopsis needs to be picked. I have a snarled skein on the swift and a broken ball winder throwing a monkey wrench into the works. Also no bees so hand pollination must be done for the beans. Lots to do.

No bees


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